A Good Checklist for Business Web Site Maintenance

A Good Checklist for Business Web Site Maintenance

Spring is coming and everyone is getting ready for summer. It’s time to clean and revamp everything now that winter is gone.

This mentality isn’t a bad one to have even in business. As an independent business pro, you watch the seasons with an eagle’s eye to see what opportunities might be ahead and what tasks have to be completed. If this is neglected, you might risk getting into trouble later, so it’s best to stay ahead of the maintenance cycle a bit.

If there is one surefire housekeeping practice you can always do as an independent business professional, it’s web site maintenance. It’s a fair complaint that web sites can be troublesome to create and tedious to update, but since it’s an integral representation of your business, it’s best to treat it like your car or house. It’s something you have to maintain regularly if you want it (and your business) to last. There are some rudimentary “checklist” web site maintenance tasks you can do regularly that will prevent major problems from happening.

Right off the bat, you should have a weekly or biweekly homepage update. Whether it is a major development or even a minor one, a homepage update lets clients know that you are still actively at work. You’d be surprised by how many clients tune a business out because the owner didn’t update even the homepage on a regular basis. Think in terms of news or sports homepages—clients need to know there is life on the other end of the wires and an update can help with that.

For good or ill, web site maintenance is a bit like the Milan fashion runways. It can be a realm of changing tastes and trends. It’s a bit like your clothes, housewares, and haircuts. These things all change in what is pleasing to the eye with every passing year. It’s part of life. Now, web site maintenance needs to have a certain amount of fashion updating with time. Not that much, but after 12 to 18 months, you should take a good look at your web site’s color combinations, designs, font styles, etc., and see if they need an overhaul. Web site maintenance requires a little bit of revamping in the visual sense, but only every so often. Don’t forget to do this.

Getting a new, faster markup for your web site is a very powerful form of web site maintenance. In the early days, all web sites were created with basic markups like HTML or XHTML. While these are still relevant markups as an introductory computer language, they are old and somewhat flawed for certain functions. If you want to update content, add certain videos and other media, or create new pages on the fly, you will need a more contemporary markup such as XML or XSL. Now, it’s okay if you aren’t hip to these new markups for web site maintenance, but make sure you either do some research on them to adapt them to your current formats or find a web developer who can do it for you.

One thing several business pros do is to test their web site maintenance skills on clients and other business pros. After all, a secondary set of eyes is always better than just your own. You might want to send out a survey or questionnaire to your client base to see what they do or do not like about your web site in order to make it better. It is also a good idea to see what other pros are doing on their web sites, so anytime you get the chance to go to a convention or work with another business’ interactive site, do it. You can learn so much for your own form of web site maintenance by see what else is out there on your own.

Nobody enjoys doing housework, but everyone knows it’s necessary. The same can be true for web site maintenance. By creating a schedule of regular web site maintenance and keeping up with new trends, you can make web site maintenance a habitual task of your business that keeps you ahead of the competition. Web site maintenance is just another job for you to do well in order to show the public how good your business really is.

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