Your Own Showcase: Plugging Your Web Site with Great Material to Attract Attention

Your Own Showcase: Plugging Your Web Site with Great Material to Attract Attention

Your Own Showcase: Plugging Your Web Site with Great Material to Attract AttentionBelieving the Hype

There’s nothing worse than someone trying to pretend that they are more special than they really are. You see these folks all over: shouting obscenities at the ballpark to be funny, trying to command the party with crude anecdotes, and would-be sales pros boasting about how great they are to everyone at the conventions. These folks are either embarrassed or just plain show-offs trying to inflate their ego more than they need to. It can be silly and irritating at the worst of times.

But let’s face it: a little self-promotion in today’s business world is necessary. With so many pros competing for the same buck, one must work hard to promote them and their business. In effect, one is creating hype that, hopefully, others will get into in order to get involved with the business itself.

In online business, creating a showcase of your talents and expertise, plus an overall interest for others to seek out your business, is tough, but easier than you might think. In the end, it all boils down to your web site. By taking advantage of the best possible web site-based promotion tactics, you really can promote yourself online—without sacrificing your dignity in the process.

Online Workshop

Some online pros think the social media sites are the only place that one can create fun, social hype to attract clients to their business. Not true: your web site is your own private studio, workshop, or canvas to test out any great new ideas that you can think of.

Besides your products page, the home page on your web site can be a great place to showcase your new products in a kind of “new announcement” forum. You can show off your new products, or even something as basic as newsletter and catalogue design right on those pages. This can be the little shot in the arm that clients need to get enthused about your business.

If you’re more word-oriented, fooling around with your own content copywriting services, either with you as the key writer or through your writing staff, can generate new web copy for ads, promos, or announcements that start to stir the interests of clients. However, since online media is actually very linguistically driven, your words are not to be used lightly.

One note: if something goes amiss or you feel that what you are doing isn’t working out on your web site, take that content down. Current web site maintenance is great in that you can examine the reaction to what you put up, and if it’s not helping your online performance, you can strip it right off in a matter of minutes. Experimentation is good, and today’s web site maintenance options allow for pros to do it often, and at no professional expense.

Graphic Material

Some online pros think they have to try and create some big sensation to generate interest for their business via their web site. This is not true, as even the slightest graphic material can be successful. Things as small as a new poster or exhibit sign design that you upload to your web site might trigger new interest, thanks to the use of new images. Doing custom photography services to improve your graphic material for greater client appeal can bring about consumer interest that you had once never thought was possible.

You don’t have to be loud to make a splash, and you can experiment a bit, too. The online business pro’s web site allows for all of this, and so much more. If you are keen for new ideas, testing new products or content, and willing to try your business concepts out in the public forum, take advantage of your web site design options. The results can be surprising.

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