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Why It’s No Longer Enough to Just Have a Responsive Web Site

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Responsive web design is a great initial step when it comes to improving the overall accessibility and navigability of your web site, but in this modern mobile-dominated world, it’s no longer enough as a standalone effective configuration for web design and use. Experts suggest combining Accelerated Mobile Pages with Progressive Web Apps to make your web site more universally accessible to all users, regardless of the device they’re using. This makes for incredibly faster loading times, easier web site navigation, the ability to retain all content in a single and cohesive URL, as well as the ability for designers to implement a much wider range of user interfaces such as a combination of touch and scroll-and-click methods.

What Is Responsive Content Management?

Responsive content management systems are mechanisms that allow web developers to design web sites that are easily accessible to a wide variety of users regardless of the devices they’re using. Primarily, mobile-friendly web sites are growing in popularity due to the fact that most end-users are remotely accessing web sites while on-the-go. This method makes it easier to track traffic on your web site and presents a well-organized, clean, and cohesive web page that will satisfy the majority of users. Here are a few elements you can implement in your web site design that’ll make it more mobile-friendly and comply with mobile-first index standards:

Adaptive Storage

The adaptive storage approach accounts for the fact that users and their devices come in many different shapes and sizes. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to their expectations regarding their web site usage experience. Some people are using mobile devices, whereas others may be using tablets or PCs. There are two important factors that all users can agree on, though: they all want fast loading times and equal access to all content on your web site, especially specific information they’re deliberately seeking out. Adaptive storage takes care of all of these needs by providing flexible storage options across all devices and Internet usage preferences.

Comprehensive Web Site Management

In web design, core management is an important element in creating a fully optimized web site. It saves a great deal of time, money, and resources because you no longer have to create the same content in multiple formats to appeal to all of your constituents. Instead, you can use a single platform to distribute the same content across a variety of outlets including your web site, e-mail lists, and different devices.

High-Quality Images and Structure

While larger image formats and pixilation ratios might work well for PCs and large devices for which they were specifically designed, they don’t necessarily deliver the same picture quality or maintain web site speed on mobile devices and tablets. In fact, mobile users will be frustrated with the substantially longer loading times and poor picture quality they’re forced to deal with because of these distorted configurations. The same can be said for the content formatting that appears across different devices. The more organized and well-structured your content appears on your web site regardless of the device being used to view it, the better readability is for viewers and this will keep them on your web site much longer. Proper content management allows web developers to reformat the same content using one platform so that it appears uniformly and clearly on a variety of viewing devices, leaving users none the wiser.

Building Smart Relationship and Easy Access

While the information presented in your content is highly important, so is the formatting and structure you use to deliver that information. You could have very meaningful and useful information on your web site, but if it’s all clumped together in one extremely long paragraph rather than divided into smaller portions containing a few sentences, then no one is going to want to read it. When it comes to proper web design, appearance is just as important as the content itself.

How AMP and PWAs Can Help

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Pages (PWA) have the capability to vastly influence and improve the experiences of users as they navigate through your mobile or desktop web site. Accelerating faster loading times and well-structured content that’s valuable to your users is the endgame when it comes to optimizing it.
AMP makes your web site more accessible to all users, while PWA equips it with the same characteristics as mobile apps, making them easier to use while also providing a series of advantages that’ll encourage users to return of their own accord.
As mentioned, these benefits include significantly faster loading times, but they also provide the option to work offline as well as index and link to other pages on your site with greater accuracy. Users can also navigate between multiple pages on your web site much faster and access these pages much more easily.
Push notifications are also made available across all devices, which is valuable for some users. Working in conjunction with one another, AMPs and PWAs mainly benefit e-commerce web sites by propelling their checkout times rather than taking an incredibly long time to load and they also guarantee the security of sensitive user information.

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