Top Factors Inhibiting Your Business’ Web Site

Common Web Site Issues That Can Kill Your Business Without You Even Noticing

Factors Inhibiting Your Business’ Web SiteA good business web site can always be improved. No matter how much you think it’s operating at maximum, always consider what may be keeping it from performing better. A quick checklist of issues and complaints that are common to other business’ web sites is a good place to start your improvements.

Here are some little-known aspects of online business that can make or break your online business.

The Need for Speed

Analysts have found that sales conversion rates improve by more than 50% if a site loads quicker. That’s because client interest is maintained and they can browse and pay faster, thus making them more apt to return to the site. See if there’s a better e-commerce software package out there that can improve loading speeds on your end; this is one place where slow and steady doesn’t win the race.

Keep It Clean

You’ve likely performed necessary tasks like landing page optimization, but good web site design ideas might mean extra work to incorporate poster and exhibit designs or other graphic media. Hold on though, as anything that distracts from what you are trying to market can push clients away, as well as make web site maintenance more difficult.

Pass the Test

If you haven’t tested your site on every browser, you might be failing to notice that your site isn’t appearing or functioning well on each, leading to decreased sales activity. Make sure you test each browser thoroughly.

Also test your web site on mobile devices; this is another form of optimization that requires attention. And if you have a mobile app for your business to help generate online sales, make sure to also test it.

Friends with Benefits?

Third parties can help boost your online presence, whether via social media or affiliate sites you share as a part of your partnership. However, while these are good for sustaining client interest and generating regular online traffic, don’t go overboard with external content on your site, such as plug-ins and banner ads. These can cause your web site to load slower and cause problems with links that will actually inhibit client traffic flow, meaning the risks will outweigh the benefits.

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