The Right Combination of Script and Image for Online Marketing

The Right Combination of Script and Image for Online Marketing

Script and Image for Online MarketingIt’s funny how much we don’t pay attention to visuals these days. Some social critics call it “desensitization” or an “over-bombardment” of visual media in the modern world, and say that this keeps us from appreciating images. Going back to the days of Impressionist or Expressionist painting, one gets the idea that images were perhaps a little more valued and scarce. Today you’ve got teletrons at the ball game, whole movies on cell phones, and a million commercials jumping at you from every which way.

Thinking about this, though, actually shows the reverse theory; that due to the over-abundance of images today, there are actually some big brains at work designing, implementing, and executing these images to whatever maximum effect is intended. If we live in a highly visual age, your image has to stand out, particularly in online business, where the Internet is a wholly visual medium.

When you are developing your web site or just fine-tuning it, you have to take into consideration the real visual aspect of what your business is all about. Sure you may be a great writer and your content is well written, optimized, et cetera; but you have to examine your own corporate identity development as reflected in the visual aspect of your business.

This is where some business pros panic and say, “…but I don’t know anything about design or colors. I can’t do it…!” Don’t panic. If you can’t do it yourself, just find someone else who can help you. And you can bring some of your own ideas to the table, too.

For all of your web site visual material, unless you are an accredited designer, employing top-notch web site design services is a must. These pros understand the correct balances of shapes, images, words, and colors on the World Wide Web. You should also pick their brain a bit on how to do your own web site maintenance and how to do updates according to a set design scheme. This will save you money in the long run and get your mind attuned to good business design practice.

Then there is the matter of pictures. Some good professional photographic images are likely going to be necessary for your web site and/or digital products. You can do a few yourself inexpensively with decently priced digital cameras and a photo design program. Or you can get some from other studios or photo providers. But then there is the matter of copyrights today, too, especially in these days of online piracy. Make sure your photos are obtained from original sources with all copyright legalities in place. This will save you a lot of problems down the line, especially at the lawyer’s office.

In fact, you should keep a good designer on hand for your custom photography services and poster and exhibit sign design all the time. Most designers today are hip to today’s trends and can get the designs you like for your photo-based web pages, banner ads, and pop-ups. What’s more is that they can often do this as a package deal for you, creating a strong professional relationship over time. When scouting out a designer, see what services they offer and how much punch they can put into your pictures as needed.

We may be a society that’s piled up with pictures and images, but if that’s the case, it’s better to make them work for us than not. Getting the right combination of words and images for your online business can only breed success for the future and create an imprint for your business that will garner respect from your clients, associates, and peers time and again. If images are here, they are here to work for us in the best-looking way possible.

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