Setting up Shop: Building Your Own Digital Studio for Online Business Pros

Setting up Shop: Building Your Own Digital Studio for Online Business Pros

Building Your Own Digital Studio for Online Business ProsThe Days of Vertical Integration

In today’s world of slight economic instability, it’s easy for so many economists, theorists, and critics to look back at certain periods of time with nostalgia. There seems to have been times when things seemed to work so effortlessly in certain industries, and where business worked on an assembly line in one location.

Take the automotive revolution, for example. This was where we started seeing big factories pumping out cars while keeping their accounting offices, carpenters, and installing services under one roof. You can also look at the rise of the motion picture industry. The early moguls of Hollywood, Rome, and Hong Kong got hip to keeping the camera department, lighting and tech pros, and post-production sound services together to keep the cinema audiences well fed, even during the Great Depression. In all of these instances, we see big businesses working hard with a network of services around them to generate big profits.

It’s not as common to see this today, especially in the modern world. There have been changes with technology, business practices, and obviously economic demands on business pros. It seems like ancient, but appealing, history to examine the days of vertical integration in big business.

But, let’s not forget that vertical integration was not perfect, as big businesses often exploited a lot of people for poor wages, and big failures happened to unaware CEOs who didn’t bother to analyze the future economy a bit. In the end, one has to be careful about being nostalgic about how great these big, vertically integrated industries were. But what’s more, it’s still in existence. With today’s digital applications, vertical integration, in the form of a home studio, is readily available to utilize for any interested business pro.

Building Up Your Digital Studio

You might be thinking: “All this digital stuff drives me crazy!” or “I don’t know how to do any web site maintenance.” But today, as you’ve maybe experienced in creating your own e-mail account or blog, using digital programs is pretty easy, and can be learned as you go. This stuff is meant to be used, and you can teach yourself to use it, when or how you want.

When thinking about setting up your own shop of digital studio material, you must consider what materials you need beforehand. These days, it’s a very good idea to have a web site design program on your work computer or laptop. You can build web site pages on-site, and do web site maintenance, too. Getting a good, up-to-date web site building program that uses a fast publishing mechanism helps here.

Going a step further, and to be a bit more creative, you might want to invest in your own photo studio by getting a digital photo and graphic program. No doubt, you will have to use photos and graphics for your web site, newspaper and catalogue design, and blog postings. It’s good to have a program where you can manipulate them right in your office. You can save a lot of time and cash by having these graphic programs at the touch of your computer mouse and keyboard.

Your Shop as Your New Business

After some time of building up your own studio, you are probably going to get fairly used to using this digital material well. In that case, don’t be afraid to solicit your knowledge. Know how to do poster and exhibit sign design? List it as a service on your web site. Good at “Adobe Studio” and doing custom photography services? Let your photographer friends know, and see if you can get a job touching up photos or creating graphic brochures. If it was worth building up a digital studio, it’s worth it to make your studio your own workshop as a place to do good work, and draw an income. It’s all about creating a space where you can do a lot of tasks, have fun, and get paid. It’s all about setting up shop.

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