How SEO and UX Can Work Together to Improve Web Development

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For many web development companies in Toronto and throughout the world, search engine optimization (SEO) is often viewed as something separate from user experience (UX). In fact, many developers view SEO and UX as rivalling one another. Often, UX is considered crucial to a site’s success, while SEO may be tacked on as an afterthought. The truth is that UX and SEO are not only both crucial to the success of a site but actually share common goals and can be used together to achieve them. The most effective strategies use both SEO and UX, allowing them to work together.

Here are some tips to keep in mind for making sure your SEO and UX are in line with each other.

Establish Common Goals

For your site to be successful, you need to know what constitutes a success. It’s important for both your UX and SEO teams and strategies to be on the same page. This will ensure that you can work together and that your UX and SEO will not take away from each other. An effective SEO strategy is one that takes into account its UX and vice versa. Determine what your shared goals are and how your web design and SEO can help inform each other. Establish metrics of success if necessary. If disagreement or conflict ever arises, refer back to these shared goals and reassess what you are hoping to achieve. Doing so can help resolve conflicts and steer you back towards success.

Collaborate and Share

While some competition between your SEO and UX teams can be healthy, too much can end up with your teams working against each other to the detriment of your site. As well, your design team can often have information or expertise which can help for SEO, and your SEO team usually has data that can be used for improving your web design. Keeping open communication between your UX and SEO experts is important. Collaboration and sharing of expertise will ensure that your SEO and UX are both the best they can possibly be. Even the best web design company in Toronto cannot reach your site’s full potential without incorporating effective SEO.

Harmonize Content and Design

One of the fundamentals of page design is that the content and the design both complement each other. The same is true of UX and SEO. The design of your site will supplement your content and vice versa. Google now takes into account how user-friendly a site is when determining search engine rankings, which means that without good UX even an effective SEO strategy will never reach its full potential. Having a user-friendly site is crucial to having effective SEO. However, it works the other way too: An amazing web design still needs quality content to draw people in and keep them engaged. Even if your site has a near-perfect design that is user-friendly, you will not attract people without high-quality content. This means that your UX needs to be designed to complement and present your content, making it easy for people to engage with it. Likewise, your content should be suited towards the design of your site.

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