How to Maintain Online Traffic Via Regular Content Updates

How to Maintain Online Traffic Via Regular Content Updates

How to Maintain Online Traffic Via Regular Content UpdatesIn online business, posting content updates on a regular basis is a great way to keep people coming to your web site. Recent studies and web site design tips have noted that online businesses that update their content regularly had up to 45% organic traffic from new visitors.

Here are a few tips on how you can achieve the same:

1.  Update Regularly

The aforementioned studies noted that daily updates are what generate regular traffic. Even if it’s just a brief morning update, it’s a task you have to force yourself to do daily in order to achieve online business success.

2.  Use Strong Content

When it comes to updates, content is king. Whether you do your own writing or use outsourced content copywriting services, this is the material you need to use. This is true for marketing and it’s no different for regular web site updates.

3.  Don’t Focus on Graphics

However, when it comes to content, that doesn’t include custom photography services, new graphics, or any other visual media. This sort of content takes too much time to create on a regular schedule and doesn’t attract new traffic effectively. Update graphics occasionally, but not frequently.

4.  Prioritize Quality

If you’re going to do regular updates, you can’t just post small talk or other trivial content. The majority of your posts need to be quality content updates that detail something about your business. Just like with newsletter and catalogue design, you need informative, well-written content that will appeal to consumers.

5.  Optimize

It goes without saying that regular updates require optimization. You should already be in the habit of performing landing page optimization, and your regular content updates should use the same approach. This includes keywords, relative information, and regular information updates—all three of these elements will help to make your online business a hit.

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