5 Tips for Your Online Shopping Cart

Five Tips for Keeping Your Web Site’s Shopping Cart in Top Shape

Keeping Your Web Site’s Shopping Cart in Top ShapeThe holidays are around the corner, which is good news for businesses, given the expected increase in e-commerce and mobile-based purchasing this year.

However, this means that you have to make sure that your web site’s shopping cart function is working to ensure that transactions are completed. Here are some web site design tips to make sure your shopping cart is ready to go:

1.  Make Information Available

Consumers only trust an online store if all the information is laid out in front of them: this includes product information, shipping times, and legal details. Professionalism and corporate identity development are necessities in today’s e-commerce, and making information available is key to both.

2.  Help People Feel Secure

Many people do not trust shopping online, as they fear their personal and financial information might be compromised. That’s understandable, which is why you should not only make sure that your checkout software is secure, but that you use logo design and development to create security seals and certificates for the checkout page. These can help customers feel safer—and make more purchases as a result.

3.  Don’t Be Complicated

For a lot of web sites, using the checkout can be a real pain. This can be due to a lack of web site maintenance; too many pages to click through; too much information to input; or an excess of promo materials, poster and exhibit sign design, or membership signup pages. Make sure your checkout system is easy to use and navigate, and if you still want to add membership signups or promo notifications, do so either before or after the purchase and always give clients the option to opt out.

4.  Provide Tracking

Make sure each order provides the buyer with a confirmation receipt and order tracking number. The holidays can get hectic, so it’s good for clients to have peace of mind about where their order currently is.

5.  Follow Up

Use your shopping cart system to follow up via client e-mails to view their comments and opinions about the service. If they made one purchase using your checkout, it stands to reason you can provide a reason for them to do so again.

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