How to Have a Good-Looking and Functional Online Business Web Site

How to Have a Good-Looking and Functional Online Business Web Site

Good-Looking and Functional Online Business Web SiteA sense of fashion can be important for a business’ presentation, especially in regard to a business’ web site. However, updating a web site’s appearance is twofold, requiring making the web site look good while keeping it fully functional.

Less is More

When making a web site more fashionable, less is more. The web site’s appearance has to be consistent; one way this can be achieved is through custom photography services. You may also want to redo your poster and exhibit sign design and/or your newsletter and catalogue design. But regardless of what changes you make, they should be discrete; it’s not uncommon for new web site designs to have large photos that overshadow the text revised by your content copywriting services.

Likewise, your graphics don’t need to be excessively flashy; take a minimalist approach, using only the necessary images and a tasteful, consistent colour scheme. Also be sure to go easy on videos, pop-ups, and animations, as many web sites, based on their content, may not actually benefit from this content.


If you lack an eye for design, the visual aspects of a web site can be difficult. Don’t hesitate to hire a graphic designer if need be, or simply just experiment; either way, you’ll soon discover what works best.

That said, always remember that if you redo the visual aspects of your web site, other site components may have been affected. Namely, make sure the landing page optimization, links, and graphics are still functional. If any HTML or links are broken, it can mean damage to your SEO and reduce the potential of your web site to attract new clients. Looks are important, but when it comes to your web site, function is your highest priority.

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