Going Solo: The Online Business Pro as an Active Freelancer

Going Solo: The Online Business Pro as an Active Freelancer

Online Business Pro as an Active FreelancerThe Perils of Downtime, and How to Overcome Them

It takes a lot of guts to be your own boss. With tough economic times, and the well-stated fact that most businesses fail rather than succeed anyway, you have to be a real daredevil to take the plunge to go into business for yourself—a daredevil with a thirst for challenge, and the inner drive to make it on your own. Most can’t do it, but there are those that can and succeed at that.

The obstacles of an entrepreneur are well known: doing your own taxes, drumming up business, and holding onto long-term clients, to name a few. But, one particular circumstance business pros learn that is both tough and uncontrollable is the matter of downtime. That period when you simply can’t get more work when you want it, or have few clients purchasing products/services for your business, is tough to stomach. For the most part, it’s also outside your control. Every business pro, from real estate agents to education agencies, understands this, and that for better or for worse, downtime is just a cyclical part of work.

For online business pros, this sounds downright paralyzing. But, downtime has its own ironic advantages. By using the skills you have as a tool to garner extra, more creative work for yourself, you can keep working when your regular business is stagnant while keep the green rolling in. It’s just a matter of going solo and freelancing your best skills.

The Magic Words…

Knowing what you are best at within the arena of your own business is the best way to come up with a plan to freelance. All online business pros have the skills that they are best at. For a freelancer, start with the best you have to offer while building on those and other skills as you go.

There is no shortage of a need for content copywriting services these days. Web sites go up daily, and businesses expand with newsletters, ads, and eBooks across the Web like wildfire. As you can imagine, all of these media need written content. Alas, not everyone can write the content the way you like. This is where you come in. Using your own written content as a portfolio and offering your services, you can freelance the magic words of online content to those other pros that need it.

A quick tip: when offering your content copywriting services, be sure you can add how it can benefit others’ online material. Showing your knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), and how you can do content within the context of web site design, will make you appear to be that much more of an attractive freelance candidate.

…and Some Graphic Work, Too

Some people are word people. Other people are image people. With online business, being an image person is a great advantage for freelancing online services. With such a high demand for good-looking graphics for ads and web pages, you can bet your skills with the visual media of today are in need—and can be compensated for!

Offering web site design tips through a newsletter or eBook is a good way to start here. If you are fortunate to have studio skills, or even a really updated “Mac” studio in your office, you can offer custom photography services to manipulate photos for other business pros to use for their web content. That, or even doing logo design and development on a contractual level, will put you in even higher demand professionally as a freelancer.

Some more confident business pros look at downtime as a vacation period, or a just a small hump to overcome in the working year. They might be happy with that attitude, but for the more hardworking of you, it can be a time to gain experience, expand your professional service set, and make some extra cash. In its own way, downtime is a blessed boot camp to make you a stronger, diversified online business pro that can fly solo and is capable of lasting for the long run.

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