Designing that Winning Web Site for You

Designing that Winning Website for Your Own Business

You’ve created your own business. You have big dreams for the future and to get the big-time independent success. You are ready to get going and have been through the whole checklist of what is left to be done that is important. Everything is set, except one item…

There is no “www.” and “.com” at the beginning and end of your business name. “Hmm…is this really important,” you ask?

It is. Not just the three letters on either side of your business name either, but the presence of your business on the World Wide Web.

The fact is that, unless you have control over a small niche market that you advertise to via word-of-mouth and in magazines, the Internet is the number one place to be to get your business the attention it deserves. It’s that simple. When the Internet became domesticated in the latter decades of the 20th century, it changed not only social communication but also how businesses operated. Everything from ordering products to offering promotions changed over time and businesses have had to adapt to the Internet to meet client demand.

This often seems a bit savage, especially if your business came of age before the Internet era. But it has also created other opportunities that entrepreneurs can get their hands on and allowed them to operate in cheaper, more efficient ways. Having a presence online for a business was a change, but not one that was impossible to get in on or bring in success with.

The starting point for any business online is the creation of a web site. Again, having that “www.” and “.com” bit on either end of your business name and then punching that whole address in online creates business exposure that anyone with a computer can see. Now, web site design and creation is something that some business pros are still uncertain of, but there are some basics to know.

Web site design requires you to sit down and do a little architecture. Most businesses create a home page for their business and then anywhere from five to 12 secondary pages of business information. You often see these secondary pages on other businesses’ web sites, where the titles read “ABOUT US,” “OUR PRODUCTS,” and “CONTACT US” on each page, with links from the homepage to each page. What you have to figure out is how many pages you need and what content should be on each one. The core of web site design is the blueprint of how you want it to look.

Next you have to create a design for your web site, which includes the colors, borders, photos, graphics, and font styles. This is might be more for people who are savvier with Internet design skills. If you aren’t one of these people, don’t worry. A web site designer can be hired on a reasonable budget and create the proper web site you want.

What you have to pay special attention to in web site design is what online hosting provider you sign up with. Online hosting providers are the real estate providers of the Internet. They can register your web site online and, after you do your web site design, they launch it for you to see how it actually looks and operates in cyberspace. Be sure to shop around not only for the most reliable, efficient Internet hosting service you can find, but also one that operates quickly and fixes errors to your web site right when they happen. They can advise on which web site design markups are best to use and any new trends coming.

The smaller material of your web site design is important, too. Make sure there is always a contact interface for clients to send e-mails directly to you. You might even want to make a pop-up for customers to register for your newsletter. Moreover, your content should be search engine optimized (SEO) to get presence at the top of potential clients’ searches online. Again, don’t fret if this stuff is new to you. You will likely get hip to it through the creation of your web site, getting some information on it from a library or online resource, or from companies that specialize in SEO business success. They aren’t too dear and can get you results fast by tweaking your web site design to perfection.

Web site design mixes business and pleasure for business pros in the most fun way possible. You are creating something to help you gain success, while at the same time allowing your creative juices to flow. By harnessing this combo properly, you harness the power of the Internet for yourself.

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