Designing a Web Site Online Business Clients Will Love

Designing a Web Site Online Business Clients Will Love

Designing a Web Site Online Business Clients Will LoveSmorgasbord for Success

A lot of today’s restaurants are into fusion cuisine, combining multiple food styles; for example, a Chinese buffet selling both traditional Chinese food and pizza. It can be shocking—and a touch ironic—to see these food on the same plate.

But as disconcerting as it might be to you to see these foods together, they present a potentially successful business model. Restaurants want to offer food of every possible origin for their money to bring in a wider—and more importantly, larger—range of customers, leading to greater profits.

This “smorgasbord for success” can be applied to online business, and especially to a business’ web site. Loading up a web site with attractive visual material can allow clients to sample your wares and make purchases. Consider home shopping web sites and how they tempt viewers into purchases as an example of how to design your web site.

Set ’Em Up, Knock ’Em Down

Even if you’re not skilled in layout or design, you can examine other web sites to get a feel for your own web page layout. From there, it’s a matter of setting everything up.

If you’re already doing newsletter and catalogue design, using the same principles for your web site is a good idea. You should have a full product line on display on your “products” page, with clear graphics—courtesy of your custom photography services—to show prospective clients what the items look like. Also consider having a blog page or home page news feed showcasing newsletter-related information for clients to learn about what’s going on at your business, upcoming new products, and current discounts.

In fact, when it comes to graphic material on your web site, you don’t have to go overboard. You’ve likely already looked into doing logo design and development, so use them as part of a consistent color scheme and/or your logo branding on each page of your web site. If you want to get a bit more creative, incorporate poster and exhibit design on your landing page or for an enticing banner-based promotion. Just don’t go nuts with graphics; people will want to read your content as well, so make sure both content and imagery are in harmony.

Taste Test

Web site design services are pretty abundant these days. If you can create a well-balanced web site yourself, do so, but if you have to seek out a third-party web site design service, do your research first. Some design companies are better than others, and while some may know every online gimmick under the sun, they might also be prone to creating excessive, distracting pages that do not attract clients, or even function properly!

The fusion cuisine analogy for a good web site is ultimately viable. You want your content to be appealing, accessible, and satisfying to clients’ personal tastes and pocketbook. When people come to your web site, they need to be able to see and learn about your material before making a decision. Giving them a well-crafted set of options will help you to build a better web site and generate greater success.

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