Cleaning Your Online Business Web Site

Cleaning Your Online Business Web Site

Cleaning Your Online Business Web Site It’s almost spring, and with it comes spring cleaning. But you don’t have to just clean your physical possessions; you can use this time as an excuse to tidy up your web site too. Online businesses have a tendency to overload their web site with material, damaging their effectiveness at finding and retaining customers. That’s why it’s important for their web sites to get a thorough cleaning, no matter what the season.


Like with one’s house, the process of cleaning up a web site involves removing stuff while keeping only what you need. But what can you afford to get rid of? The answer is anything that inhibits your web site’s business functions, such as pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO).

The most common damaging material is graphics. While what custom photography services can do for your logo design and development and poster and exhibit sign design might seem like something worth investing in, going overboard can impede optimization by being distracting and unappealing, driving customers away. Make sure your graphics are tasteful, correctly placed, and not stacked together.

Also be sure not to go overboard with your written content, or you risk hurting your landing page optimization. Strong web sites usually feature content that is short, sparse, and to the point while featuring appropriately used and placed keywords. By having an excess of written material, you risk tiring the reader’s eyes and pushing them away from the screen—and your business.

Trial Runs

Of course, this doesn’t mean your web site has to be stripped bare. New web site design ideas are great and can be given a trial run, allowing you to gauge the audience’s reaction. This can lead to renewed interest from your existing clients, as well as attracting new ones.

However, test new things cautiously; leaving up something that doesn’t function will only hurt your business’ image. Also make sure your web site remains completely optimized and maintained so that the site still functions properly between trials. Remember, trying new things is no excuse for letting your online business get messy; after all, a clean business is a successful one.

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