What to Avoid When Designing an Online Business Web Site

What to Avoid When Designing an Online Business Web Site

What to Avoid When Designing an Online Business Web SiteYou’ve likely read and received a number of web site design tips. These tips tend to tell you what you should do, but what if you’re unknowingly doing something wrong that could be detrimental to your online business success? What are the things you need to avoid in web site design?

Factoring in web site design and web site maintenance, there are a lot of pratfalls you may not even know about. Here are five things to avoid when designing your online business’ web site:

1.  Cheap Graphics

A web site always requires a bevy of quality graphics, including logos, borders, and photographs. There’s no place for low-resolution images, so if you have to pay for custom photography services in order to have high-quality pictures, then be sure to work that into your budget.

2.  Not Designed for All Mediums

Desktop development is important, but make sure you’re also mobile friendly. Today’s web site design has to look good across a variety of formats, from laptops to smartphones—a fact that many businesses forget. Always keep in mind the number of ways your web site can be viewed and make sure you develop a web site that appears and works properly for each.

3.  Excessive Advertising

One of the fastest ways to drive someone away from your web site is to overload it with sign-up forms, pop-ups, and other distracting content. You don’t need to weigh your web site down with such things; a few here and there are more than enough. Using these tools sparingly is much more effective when it comes to your online business’ success.

4.  Becoming Disorganized

If you choose to implement new video or text, make sure it’s laid out accordingly beforehand. Part of your corporate identity development requires your web site to be laid out properly; be easy to search, either through links or a search bar; and contain only original material.

5.  Failure to Optimize

Making your web site look good means nothing if nobody sees it. And if it’s not being viewed, it may be due to poor landing page optimization. Content has to be optimized, placed within a good-looking template, and published online so it can successfully attract clients. Miss even one of these vital steps, and you risk your site being largely ignored.

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