5 Ways to Make Your Web Site Content Marketing-Friendly

Five Simple Web Site Add-Ons to Enhance Your Company’s Image

Make Your Web Site More Content Marketing-FriendlyIf you’ve been following recent digital marketing news, content marketing has become prevalent. And the hype is real: great content marketing not only boosts a company’s image, but is also a valuable tool.

The problem is that too many businesses have a web site up that isn’t prepared for proper content marketing. Here are five things to do to get you started:

1.  Add a Blog

According to studies, an optimized blog, combined with existing landing page optimization, can result in as much as a 55% increase in visitors to your company’s web site. By combining your content copywriting services with a blog that offers news and information about your products and services, it’s possible to make more clients take interest in your business and its services.

2.  Add Social Media

This might sound obvious, but adding social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn are great for content marketing. That’s because of the stats; studies show that linking to social media, and the subsequent followers, led to an improvement in marketing results of more than 60%.

3.  Add Infographics

If you will be using your web site design services in the near future, design some infographics while you’re at it. These are the graphics that web sites now use to showcase statistics and results about a business or industry. Infographics are appealing to online audiences and are often found through search engines and sharing, thus increasing a company’s online presence and driving up traffic.

4.  Add an Archive

If your business is involved in newsletter and catalogue design, you can create an archive of your information with links to associated pages. Like a blog, that collection of information can also serve as a form of content marketing.

5.  Add E-Publications

You also might have written content related to your field that people may be interested in. If you will be performing web site maintenance in the future, consider checking if you have anything you wrote on hand that can be uploaded to your site. These pieces can make a good addition to your content marketing.

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