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Here at the Princeview Dental Group, we were hesitant to get into the online world of Facebook and Twitter and were unsure of how to better promote the practice in the rapidly changing internet world. Having our website that was out of date at the time that the Numero Uno representative contacted us was also a key factor in getting things more current and relevant. Although we had already converted to digital imagery as a means of recording and diagnosing treatment, our main focus as a general family dentist is regular dental hygiene and general dentistry care (ie. crowns, restoration, sleep dentistry, whitening and straightening), not so much on internet usage and promotion. We needed someone who could deliver the latter for us.

The folks at Numero Uno set out a plan for us to expand our online footprint, ensuring that we could focus on some key elements and topics to enhance what we already had, in the form of our website but also ensure that our Google listing was current and up-to-date, as well as map location and telephone numbers and contact information. Numero Uno has helped us by creating a Facebook page and presence, complemented and backed up by press releases and articles which are published regularly.

We have found the staff at Numero Uno to be attentive and positive, as well as being able to suggest various different approaches and ideas of ensuring that Princeview Dental Group can be found and be top of mind, when looking for a solid and family oriented Etobicoke dentist and dental clinic.

Our main goal of new patients are still a work in progress however this past month (September, 2014) was our best month of seeing new patients as a direct result of our online activity. We are confident now that at least those who are looking for us through various online means and methods can now find us. In short we would not hesitate to recommend the people and services at Numero Uno for our (and your) online needs and campaign.

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