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Bel Marra Health

Bel Marra Health has been associated with Numero Uno for close to 12 months now and we are happy with their professional services. As an on-line health supplement company, we’ve had trouble in the past getting our SEO firm to understand our business model. But collaborating with Numero Uno has been fantastic. For the first time we are confident we are exactly where we want to be with our SEO efforts.

Numero Uno built us a new web page and optimized it for the search engines. They have also played a huge role in the success of our PPC campaign. The team are very passionate about SEO and committed to helping our business succeed.

Their passion has paid off as can be seen by the immediate surge in our search engine rankings and the significant increase in our sales. I strongly recommend Numero Uno to any company that wants to boost their on-line marketing and sales.

Zarr Tech

As a current client of Numerouno, Zarr Tech has been very pleased with their overall services and efforts towards our digital marketing needs. In a constant changing business where the technology and methods are never the same for very long, it is nice to see the Numerounoteam work continuously on staying current and work hard on being our experts. In addition to improving themselves and their service offerings, Numerouno educates its clients and creates a trustful business relationship. As a small business owner, wearing less hats can be very beneficial but only if the right people and business are on the job. We have been very happy with Numerouno and have enjoyed their dedication to our needs, effective communication, education, guidance and suggestions. With their support and advice, our business has been able to receive strong results, high valued traffic, online conversions and reach our chosen audience. In turn their support has improved our online image, business growth and brand. We would highly recommend Numerouno to any business that is looking for an expert in the Digital Marketing field.

Anti Aging Clinic Toronto

Numero Uno is simply amazing. We recently launched our new website, and Numero Uno DELIVERS, yes, with capitals. My standards are extremely high, since before becoming a small business owner I have 30 years in IT as a Project Manager and Business Analyst. During our first session I have tabled my concerns regarding timely delivery and high quality, and to my delightful surprise they have delivered above expectations. They go the extra mile on attention to detail and excellence in customer service.

Princeview Dental

Here at the Princeview Dental Group, we were hesitant to get into the online world of Facebook and Twitter and were unsure of how to better promote the practice in the rapidly changing internet world. Having our website that was out of date at the time that the Numero Uno representative contacted us was also a key factor in getting things more current and relevant. Although we had already converted to digital imagery as a means of recording and diagnosing.