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Growing a Law Office’s Online Presence

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How to Bring in Clients Using Your Web Site as a Marketing Tool

If all you’re doing is relying on word of mouth for your services as a lawyer, then you’re missing out on the power of search engine optimization. Here’s what happened when one law office hired Numero Uno Web Solutions…


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“Hanging out your shingle” is used in legal circles to describe a lawyer who starts their own practice and waits for clients via word-of-mouth advertising.

With more and more businesses advertising online, many law offices are “hanging out their shingle” on the web. In the case of Numero Uno Web Solutions’ legal client, a law office in downtown Toronto, in the one month between when they registered in August 2013 and September, they saw an increase of 62.14% in organic traffic.

There was an impressive increase of 113.33% in referral traffic in that same time period as well. And between signing up with Numero Uno in August 2013 and January 2014, the client has also seen increases in traffic thanks to our SEO strategy; while, between August and September, the client saw an increase of 1,400% in traffic via social media thanks to our efforts. There was also an 88.57% increase in traffic in December, traditionally a slow time, thanks to our social media marketing strategies.

While the client did see a dip in traffic in other areas in December 2013, this to be expected due to the holidays; their referral and social traffic numbers went back up in January 2014. In the case of their social traffic, it went up by 12.12%, and their organic traffic went up by 40.41%.

Most importantly, our client saw a marked improvement in their keyword ranking when they signed Numero Uno as their SEO provider. We consistently choose the keywords that potential clients will look for when searching for a lawyer and use them at the proper density in the content we provide for the client, such as static pages, blog posts, and press releases.

Our client has consistently stayed at the top of keyword rankings on the top search engines such as Google and Bing and, as a result, have seen growth in their web traffic; their web site saw a 129.57% increase in unique visitors in the first month alone. In October 2013, the number of new visitors to the site went up by 28.79%.

People will always need personal injury lawyers for a variety of reasons. For example, with the increase of gridlock in Toronto, automobile accidents are an unfortunate way of life. There are also other reasons why potential clients may seek out the services of a lawyer, and they’re far more likely to go online to seek one out rather than open up the phone book.

Be at the top of a potential client’s search for a lawyer when you hire Numero Uno. We will take keywords related to your industry and strategically insert them into content we create for you to ensure that you are at the top of search results.

Watch your law practice climb to the top of the search results when you work with Numero Uno. Call Numero Uno Web Solutions today at 1-855-736-9778 or e-mail us at to discuss the best strategies for improving your businesses Web presence. Our team of experts will create a marketing campaign that will drive more traffic to your web site and put you at the top of the search engine rankings!

Times have changed, even for this traditional profession; when potential clients need the services of a lawyer, they are more likely to seek one online than open up the phone book.

Call Numero Uno Web Solutions today at 1-855-736-9778 or e-mail us at to discuss the best strategies for improving your business’ web presence. Our team of experts will create a marketing campaign that will drive more traffic to your web site and put you at the top of search engine rankings!