How Videos Can Upscale Your Local Business Marketing in 2016

How Videos Can Upscale Your Local Business Marketing in 2016

video-marketing-for-local-businessIn the age of social media and YouTube, an entire generation has learned how to turn personal identities into a type of brand. This same sort of online marketing can be used by local businesses to not only grow and strengthen their brands but also as a form of user engagement tactics. Embracing the use of video marketing for local businesses is an important step in this process and also one that needs to be addressed slightly differently than other forms of web content. The best videos for business marketing take a personal approach to the message being created and in doing so can go beyond normal types of content.

Think Beyond Text

Text is useful, informative, but also limited in what it can deliver to an audience. Even added pictures suffer from their state as static images. Using video marketing lets you incorporate light, motion, performance, sound, and other engaging elements in order to create your narrative. Building excitement is a lot easier when you can move beyond text into a world of colour and music.

Go With the Generation On-the-Move

Whether through Twitter, Vine, Facebook, YouTube, or more, more social platforms and other popular sites are getting in on video integration. Want to spice up your company’s Twitter feed? Try using a video reply. Turn that wall-of-text Facebook post into a video announcement. By using these forms of video marketing your local business will be able to reach out and connect with the mobile generation in a more meaningful way.

Add a Personal Touch with Video Marketing

It really can’t be stressed enough that personality is a big part of any video marketing effort. Just as no one wants to read boring, staid content, no one wants to watch a video without any personality. This doesn’t mean you need to craft elaborate, unique personas to use in your business video. A “personal touch” could be as simple as some speaking as if in a one-on-one conversation, tossing in some personal commentary, or really anything that makes it feel to the audience that they are seeing a person having a conversation with them rather than a corporate voice reading a script.

5 Ways to Use Videos in Your Business Marketing

All of the above advice is well and good, but it doesn’t help provide you with specific ideas on how to use your video marketing. When trying to think of what kind of video content to create, try giving one of the following a go and see what happens. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

1. Video Testimonials

Personal anecdotes from real customers (very important—don’t use actors) can help audiences understand what your product or service can do for them. Let a customer take the spotlight and describe what they liked, what they didn’t, and how they were benefited in the end. You could also create a sort of “case study”, which is a longer form of video testimonial that tells the full story of the customer’s experience and goes into more detail about what their problem was and how your company helped resolve it.

2. How-To Videos

These sorts of videos can run the gamut from walkthroughs on putting together furniture, installing software, cooking, or anything else that involves your product. With almost any type of service or product there are going to be countless possible topics for a how-to video. In addition to simple walkthroughs or assembly guides, you could also try and think of unconventional or less-common uses for your product or workarounds for niche problems in your service.

3. Musical Theater

We are several decades removed from the golden age of industrial musicals but song-and-dance numbers still have their place as fun, kicky ways to get audiences engaged. Whether giving a branded twists on Gangnam Style or making up an original number, there are plenty of ways to bring the theatrical spirit into your branding. As an alternative to musicals, you can also consider making fun takes on other forms of popular media like a big event from Game of Thrones.

4. Product Demos

Taking some time to show off what your product can do can be a great form of user engagement tactics. Reading descriptions is one thing but being able to see how durable, functional, or fast-acting a product can be is a huge help in cementing a brand in the potential customer’s mind. If possible, try to create demos using an unconventional angle to better stand out. Blendtec’s Will It Blend? campaign is a series of product demos in which the company’s blenders shred anything from the latest iPad to the 2009 stimulus deal and serves as a great example of this.

5. Behind the Scenes Video

Taking audiences on a trip behind the scenes to see what goes in to making your product can be a fascinating and engaging form of local business marketing. This is true even if your finished product is something that doesn’t necessarily scream “interesting”. The Science Channel’s How It’s Made series is a wonderful demonstration of this as everything from tweezers to cars gets a full behind-the-scenes look at what goes in to a final product.

Getting Professional Video Marketing Help

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