How Tweets to Google are Great for Your Brand Promotion

How Tweets to Google are Great for Your Brand Promotion

Brand PromotionIn February 2015, two digital industry giants, Google and Twitter, signed a contract. The nature of their new agreement allows Google to have crawler access to all tweets on Twitter and index them accordingly. What this means is that anyone can discover tweets and their associated content through organic searches; in other words, tweets aren’t going to be restricted to social media anymore.

This is beneficial for the public as they can search for tweets related to content they’re interested in. But this is even better for online companies. By engaging in tweeting, they stand to promote their brand like never before. Here’s how:

1. You Can Provide the Content

Most professional tweets are used to disperse news and information, often using hashtags. If the content is interesting and important, then readers are more likely to share them.

Since you likely work in a niche market or industry, you can provide news and content related to your particular field. People will find you via searches and, in time, recognize your business as a legitimate content provider.

2. You Can Provide the Answers

Quality content and accurate information will make you the go-to authority for questions regarding your industry. The more specific the answers you provide are, the better, since people want definite information. And if it’s definite–and accurate–information you provide, those same people will be more likely to buy your business’ goods or services.

3. You Can Go Across Platforms

The partnership is just between Google and Twitter, but you can link your tweets to other social media networks, making them accessible to more people. It’s worth noting that Google is likely to work alongside other social media companies in the future, which will allow for more exposure if you’re active on those sites as well.

4. You Can Stay Relevant

Once you start creating content and spread it via Twitter, you become a participating member of an information-based community. As a result, your constant presence means you keep driving online client traffic to your Twitter account and, subsequently, your web site. Twitter is nothing without its users, so it will always need active users like you to be a part of it.

5. You Can Keep Promoting Your Brand

If customers are satisfied, your company image will improve alongside your regular client traffic. With Twitter, you further awareness of your brand–a fact that many businesses are already taking advantage of. The more you use Twitter, the more you build up your brand, and this will be even truer now thanks to the Google-Twitter partnership.

When the walls come down and deals are made, that’s when success increases. The new partnership between Google and Twitter provides the brand promotion you’ve been craving for so long.