The Real Human Effort Behind Social Media Marketing

The Real Human Effort Behind Social Media Marketing

At its Peak, but with Some Potential Valleys

If you’ve been following the news recently, you might have heard that Facebook hit its highest member registration. This, in combination with David Fincher’s acclaimed feature film The Social Network, had made Facebook one of the social milestones of the Twenty-first Century. Whatever you may think about Facebook, and other social media, you can’t deny its potency within global society, and how it has linked people together.

Of course, with all the monumental achievement comes the reflexive criticism. Many still feel that social media, professional sites included, are fads, and open windows into people’s private lives. Moreover, recent reports have suggested that the heads of these sites are not business savvy, and an economic crash of epic proportions for them is coming.

This is always the case with any new phenomenon, be it the Beatles or a moon landing. For all that humans achieve as a professional peak, there is always an accompanying valley.

The Valley of the Social Media in the Business World

Naysayers of social media in the business world are numerous as well. “It’s really nice that people get linked together electronically,” they say, “but that’s not going to help business.”

In truth, business folks might actually have a point here. Using social media is not like their old business mechanisms, nor is it like the newer digital marketing ones, as well. You can’t do social media optimization like you can with your web pages and their content. What’s more is that social media SEO, as a tried, tested, and honed marketing practice, is not really in existence. Social media just doesn’t carry the same digital infrastructure and analytics that web content and search engine optimization (SEO) does, along with pay-per-click (PPC) and other programs. For these reasons, a lot of business folks tend to thumb their noses at social media, and let the kids play with it while they tend to their seemingly more important digital business programs.

In the End, Plug it to the Max

With the above in mind, social media is not a total dead end for online business pros like you. It just requires a little bit of old-style thinking and elbow grease to be used to any effect. If you see business logos and ads on any social media page these days, you know that someone is benefiting from using social media for business purposes.

Social media really just requires you, the business pro, plugging it to its maximum business potential. By registering your business on any social media site, and creating things like a social media blog space, using a social media widget as a linking portal, and updating your social media site(s) with business and professional material, you are allowing yourself one more—usually free—vehicle to bring clients to your business. As its title suggests, social media is used in leisure time. If you wish to catch people while they relax and surf the Net in their homes, cafes, or offices, social media is the way to go.

One note though: try to use the most professional social media possible when you get going with a social media campaign. While the ones your kids use have good outlets for businesses, small business social media puts you in touch with professionals and the people that are more likely to take an immediate interest in your business, its services, and products. From there, you can branch out into other social media sites. You don’t have to work as hard, but there is still potential to bring in prospective clients.

Little things like regular updates and promos are good habits to start using in social media marketing, as are sending out e-invites to your friends and colleagues to get hooked up to your social media sites. For all of its new-fangled operations, social media is really just an old school outlet for business pros to attract new clients and forge great professional relationships. It’s not always the greatest phenomenon others might plug it as, but its easy-to-use availability is always worth checking out to see what possibilities are there for your business.

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