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Social Media Optimization Techniques for Small Businesses

Social media optimization

Most businesses with an online presence engage in some form of social media marketing. For small businesses looking to stake out their share of consumers, this means that social media needs to be a part of their approach in order to remain competitive. There are many different ways to shape a social media content strategy, but some are more specialized than others. Here are a set of useful tips for developing social media optimization that will be useful regardless of your industry or targeted customer base.

Enhance Your Posts with Calls to Action

A social media posting is a piece of content and, like any content you produce, a call to action that directs readers can help enhance your online presence and brand authority. On social media, the most basic type of call to action is the traditional “if you like this, please share” sort of message. Although this remains a valid method for getting readers to help pull in their friends, it is far from the only type of call to action that can be used. A few suggestions:

  • Specific actions like” sign up now,” “get your ticket,” “enroll here,” “comment, start your trial,” etc.
  • Keep your calls to action limited to one per post to avoid overburdening or annoying readers
  • Be specific in what following the call to action will do. “Click here” is vague, but “start your trial” is informative
  • Make following through with the call to action as easy and fast as possible. If your CTA is about signing up, ask for the minimal information needed and auto-populate fields if possible

Offer Original, Quality Content

The phrase “content is king” exists for a reason. Quality and originality drives content engagement for some very basic reasons. The more original your content the less likely a reader is able to get the same information or experience from another site and helps you stand out as a specialized authority. The better your quality, the more people will actually read your content and the easier it can stick in their mind. This applies to the way the content is presented as well as the material itself. Cluttered, sloppy-looking web sites with lots of banner ads don’t say “I am a credible source”; instead they shout “I am going to steal your passwords.” An extreme example to be sure, but one most frequent users of the internet will have encountered on multiple occasions.

Engage Your Customers

One of the strong points of social media marketing strategies is that these platforms allow your brand to engage potential and past customers directly. The most immediate way this opportunity presents itself is that small businesses can have actual conversations with people or participate in social media events in general. In doing so, you can humanize your brand among customers and feel like someone they have a relationship with and can be trusted. Another advantage is that social media lets you keep an eye on what your readers are interested in. You can learn about their concerns, interests, and values and use that to develop the best keywords and stronger content overall.

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