Social Media for Restaurants: 5 Ways to Improve your Business

5 Great Ways to Use Social Media for Your Restaurant

Great Ways to Use Social Media for RestaurantIn online marketing, few businesses can make as much use of social media as restaurants. No matter what type of food you provide, social media is tailor-made to help promote your establishment. Consider these points when using social media to help market your restaurant:

1. Think Like Your Customer

Success with social media depends on how well you reach your audience. To start, put yourself in their perspective and create social media content that would appeal to them. And if you regularly change your menu, update accordingly with the new information. Social media can serve as a great platform for teasers for new items and for promoting old ones that potential new guests may want to see, especially when it comes to your restaurant’s signature dishes.

2. Do Some Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a particularly great social media site for restaurants. Besides being free to use, it allows users to participate in your eatery’s operation by following news developments and commenting on the food and staff alike. Here are some ways to use it more precisely for increased business success:

a) Have a Good Cover Image

An effective cover image on your Facebook page can sell your restaurant to a potential guest instantly. The most delicious photos of your best dishes, the best event pics, or even captured stills of people having a great time at your establishment are the kind of images you want to post. Just make sure the cover image you choose is clear and contains an informative description, such as the name of the dish being presented or the event.

b) Use Facebook Page Tabs

With the page tabs function, you can create a booklet- or menu-like visual representation of your restaurant. Focus on the first four pages, as they are the most important and will capture the most attention. These pages can be labeled more specifically and will feature cover photos that can be clicked on for more information.

c) Upload Photos of Your Food

Restaurants benefit greatly from visual media and Facebook is as visual as it gets. You want to show off your great-looking dishes, so it makes sense that you display quality photos of these meals for display on the restaurant’s Facebook page. Images of delicious-looking food often get shared heavily across Facebook and other social media sites, so it’s wise to have a number of them, all of which should include well-written descriptions. Accumulate enough images and you can create a photo album that serves as a sort of menu for your establishment.

3. Make Use of Videos

Like with photos, videos add visual power. Videos showing the food being prepared or the staff providing insight into how the restaurant is operated can build trust with guests. Make an effort to create a video for your social media channels; it’s too strong a marketing strategy not to.

4. Use Twitter

Twitter is one of the more active social media sites, so restaurants should definitely be using it. Below are some of the ways they can incorporate Twitter:

a) Include a Link to Your Menu

Twitter doesn’t allow for a lot of characters in each Tweet, but it does allow for links. Include a link to your menu in every tweet you can to get those who read your tweets salivating for your products.

b) Include Images of Your Food

Another way to increase your Twitter traffic is by including pictures with your Tweets. If the food looks good, people will be more interested in trying it, so sometimes an image can make all the difference.

c) Geotarget Your Ads

If your restaurant is in Chicago, it’s obviously not going to do much good to promote your food to someone living in Austin. Sure, if they’re planning a trip to Chicago, this may help you get on their itinerary, but they’re not going to be bringing in regular business. By using the geotargeting function, local traffic is given priority, making it a key ingredient of m-commerce.

5. Create Interest and a Rewards System

Use social media to see if you can reward fans by offering followers of your restaurant’s social media sites discounts, coupons, or even access to a rewards program. Many in the culinary field have noted that even the restaurants with the best food fail because they don’t provide customers with a reason to stay loyal, but with social media, you can avoid making this mistake.

Restaurants and social media are a match made in heaven. By using all aspects of social media, combined with various marketing techniques, you’re serving up your business’ very best.