Top Benefits of Using Social Media for Business in 2015

Top 7 Benefits of Social Media for Business Owners

social media for business ownersWhether sharing photos or messages, social media brings us together. However, a lot of people think that social media is just a trend or fad. But the fact of the matter is that social media is here to stay. For business owners, social media for business in 2015 holds great potential.

If you’ve never really thought about the merits of social media for your business, consider the following benefits:

1. Increases Brand Awareness

You never know how information will find its way onto social media. Will it be via a news feed? Perhaps posted by a frequent reader? If you have articles, pictures, and content, you can easily share them across social media in order to create a reputable awareness campaign for your business. You may be surprised about where your content ends up and what connections you’ll make.

2. Legitimizes a Brand

People often use social media for investigative purposes; if someone adds them to their network, especially a business connection, these people often take the time to research that new connection to confirm they’re legitimate. While this sounds like a suspicious thing to do, it helps you to establish a legitimate name for your brand in conjunction to having a place where you can post photos, create fan pages, and receive comments. Of course, you have to remain active with regular updates to show that you are still in business and working to make your brand look as good as possible.

3. Increases Sales/Creates More Opportunities to Convert

Social media is about targeting. You can build a network of followers and then push content and images to them; this is how it can be used for the ultimate goal of generating more sales. In fact, social media itself becomes a sales tool. These days, it’s even more effective, since you can set up the ability for customers to make purchases directly from your social media pages.

4. Allows Interactions with Your Customers

If you have a Facebook or LinkedIn account, you know how easily you can reach friends and fellow professionals in your field. This simple media interaction can be fun and yield quick responses and if you and the other person share that same ideology for doing business via social media, you can get similar results. Social media also helps you receive ideas and opinions from clients while allowing them to voice their interests directly to you. This helps clients feel like they are a part of your business while you showcase your content, videos, and photos to keep them interested.

5. Enables Reputation Management

The downside of social media, as many journalists have noted, is that people can use it as a means of abuse or criticism. People often use social media to leave not-so-constructive criticism, opinions, and comments meant to insult or harass. That said, these can actually help your business; simply intercept those comments and diffuse them to keep your brand reputable.

6. Inexpensive and Global Reach

It’s nice to have a cheaper way to advertise, especially in comparison to the more expensive online formats, such as PPC. Once your bills from click-throughs add up, you’ll likely want to look elsewhere for cheaper advertising formats — social media is one such cheaper way to advertise. By creating business accounts on social media sites and uploading your ads directly, you can easily reach as many clients as you would with other advertising formats.

7. Increases Traffic

You may have seen a lot of web sites showcasing social media icons, with text suggesting visitors follow the company on those sites. These buttons are a great way to drive client traffic to your business’ site. By connecting your social media with your web site, you will see more people adding themselves to your networks. As a part of your network, they’re more likely to become repeat customers.

Social media might seem gimmicky and youth-oriented, but with its worldwide prevalence and how much businesses have gained from its use, there’s no escaping its potential to help push your company and brand. Using social media will help you to both improve sales figures and boost your company’s reputation.