Top 7 Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram

Top 7 Tips to Increase Followers on Instagram

Followers on InstagramIf you’ve pondered how to get followers on Instagram, you may have found yourself struggling. While Instagram is popular and people like to look at all the photos that friends, family, and strangers place on it, it can often be difficult to really determine what methods to use on Instagram to turn viewers into customers or clients.

However, it can be done. If you’re looking to obtain more followers on Instagram for your company, here are seven tips to get you going:

1. Post Photos with a Personal Touch

The social media professionals have picked up on a common theme, namely that the most successful Instagram accounts have a personal touch, featuring photos of people acting natural. The lesson here is that if you’re going to take advantage of Instagram as a business tool, all of your content has to have a human touch, such as showing people enjoying your product or service, showcasing your business. These sorts of images give your account a personal feel and allow people to connect with them and your business on a more intimate level.

2. Connect Your Facebook Account

It’s not uncommon for people to post photos from Instagram on their Facebook wall, often adding hashtags as well. This is a useful technique for your business, too. By connecting your Facebook account with your Instagram one, you’re enabling your photos to be displayed across two feeds, helping you build up more followers via your social media network. Facebook can provide a written platform, and Instagram a visual one; it’s a perfect match.

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3. Use Relevant, Popular Hashtags

Hashtags are a big help when it comes to your Instagram photos. That’s because they help categorize and catalogue your photos, first on your Instagram account, and then across the whole network. Using between one and three of the most popular hashtags can help your photos be seen across Instagram and other social media networks. However, you might want to do research on hashtag resource sites to find out which hashtags are most common and which should be used for particular photos.

4. Follow Others

Like on Twitter, following others is how you get followers and build up a professional network on Instagram. You have to strongly participate on Instagram by sharing photos and commenting on things on the walls of your connections. This is all part of the Instagram experience and allows you to interact with others and increase your client base.

5. Have a Call-to-Action

Instagram offers you a free promotional space that you can take advantage of using both photos and words. Having a photo with a label advising people to share, like, comment, or some other call-to-action will compel viewers to click photos and share them across social media. You can also use Instagram to launch giveaways, with the entry being a reposting (or “regramming”) of your original image.

6. Post Photos at the Right Times

When putting up photos on Instagram, a lot of people don’t consider how timing plays a factor or when the most participation happens. According to the experts, there are two times of day when you should be posting photos: in the morning and in the evening. These same experts aren’t sure why these times are so successful, but it’s suggested that people’s brains are more relaxed and susceptible to photos and their importance in the morning and at night. Either way, those are the times when you should do your posting.

7. Get Involved

Going back to following others, it’s necessary for you to get involved with people on Instagram. Once you have signed up and added photos, take a tour of the site and begin following others. Take the time to look at and comment on their photos. Be positive and don’t use comments as an advertisement; use them as a way to spark a new relationship. In the end, your goal is to engage others, show your interest, and have that interest reciprocated. Furthermore, if someone tags you in a photo, be sure to either like or comment on the photo; you may even request to regram it (tagging them for credit, of course) if it’s a quality image.

People love visual media, learning, and e-commerce more now than ever before. That’s why it’s important that today’s companies take full advantage of and participate in visual media like Instagram. It presents a great opportunity and can be enjoyable to use. Finally, one big reason why people love Instagram is because it’s interactive, so be active on it.