Facebook Latest News Feed Update: How #Friendmageddon May Affect Small Businesses

Facebook Latest News Feed Update: How #Friendmageddon May Affect Small Businesses

social-media-marketingUsing Facebook for business just got a lot more difficult. Small business social media marketing uses different web sites to increase brand awareness and reach consumers. There are few better social media sites for business than Facebook, which is the most popular social media network in the world, used by people of all ages.

Now Facebook is making changes to its news feed. These changes to the Facebook news feed are being called #Friendmageddon, as they will have a big effect on how people interact with their friends and businesses on the site.

What Does #Friendmageddon Really Mean?

#Friendmageddon, Facebook’s latest updates to the site, is being seen as a big blow to businesses and web sites. But what exactly are the changes being made?

Facebook’s changes will primarily affect the news feed, which is the front page that users see when they log onto Facebook. In the news feed, users see a combination of posts from friends, businesses, groups they are in, and pages they have liked, as well as advertisements.

With the new changes, Facebook is prioritizing content from user’s friends, changing their news feed algorithm to promote this content. With the new algorithm, Facebook will promote personal stories from people’s friends, particularly those who they interact with the most.

How Good Is It for Facebook Users?

For Facebook users, the changes will likely lead to an improved experience. The intent behind #Friendmageddon is to create a site, specifically a news feed, which showcases more relevant and valuable content to users.

This means focusing on content that is more from their friends, as opposed to businesses, web sites, or other Facebook publishers. As Facebook is primarily a site for connecting with friends, these changes are designed to bring the user experience more in line with that goal.
Furthermore, the algorithm will continue to promote stories from the people most relevant to each user. For instance, if a Facebook user “likes” someone’s story, new posts from that friend will be more likely to appear in their news feed.

Changes for Facebook Business Pages and Publishers

For Facebook publishers, these changes mean they will have less reach and that their posts will not be seen by as many Facebook users.

In fact, Facebook will be essentially penalizing posts from businesses, prioritizing posts from people’s friends over business-oriented content. This means that Facebook publishers can expect to have less reach, less organic traffic, and less activity on their posts and page.

For some publishers, switching to paid Facebook advertising will be the most optimal solution for continuing to reach Facebook users and get on their news feed. The new changes will have a bigger impact on small businesses, which may not have a budget for paid advertising. As these changes will make it more difficult to reach consumers, small businesses will have to adjust their social media marketing strategy.

Time to Enhance Your Social Media Strategy

How can small businesses improve their social media strategy to deal with these new changes?
Facebook’s #friendmageddon is being done primarily to improve the user’s experience. Specifically, Facebook wants to promote valuable and relevant content to users. If small businesses want to continue to reach users on Facebook, this means making their content more engaging, valuable, and relevant. Purely promotional posts will not be promoted on news feeds as much.

These changes from Facebook are not unprecedented. Google has made similar changes in the past, altering their algorithm to promote content that is more valuable to Internet users over content that simply uses the right keywords.

While these changes may have a negative impact on small businesses on Facebook, it will still be possible to reach users and advertise your services. It’ll be necessary to change your social media strategy to make your content more useful and engaging for users.

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