DIY for Fun and Reward—Being Your Own Social Media Marketer

DIY for Fun and Reward—Being Your Own Social Media Marketer

Global businessWhenever you get the notion to do something, especially as an independent business pro, you may been keen on doing as much of it yourself as you can. A lot of your family and peers might criticize this, urging you to hire an expert or at least get some help in the form of taking classes. But, there are two good reasons you want to do something yourself: 1) you learn something new; 2) and you save on costs. What person would not understand this in the end? A lot of actors, carpenters, and businesspeople have opted for their own brain and eyes to be their teacher, and have had success at it.

Of course, some things require instruction. If you want to be an electrician or go into law, you simply have no other option but to study. But, in digital business, there are still some things you can learn on your own. Social media marketing is one of those areas.

Going Through the Process

Social media web sites, whether they are used for business or personal reasons, are pretty easy to use. They have an account set-up program, usually for free, and they walk you through the processes of starting your own web page of social media. This is, above all, what you can do to learn the process of social media on your own. Beforehand, you should go scout out the best social media sites for your business, and use those ones exclusively. Pay close attention to the ones that have special emphasis on small business social media—some social media sites are for personal use only. The more professional ones, like LinkedIn, have blog spaces devoted to business promotion, but more on that in a minute. Some blog sites like WordPress are better in the professional sense than ones designed for recreational use for students or travelers.

In the end, getting started with social media is the beginning of your do-it-yourself (DIY) experience. You find the sites that best suit you, and walk yourself through getting established on them.

Becoming a Regular

What will really set you apart as a DIY social media marketer is how you use the built-in mechanisms of social media to get the word out about your business. Unlike web site analytics, social media search engine optimization (SEO) doesn’t function in a way that you can track who is coming to your social media site. This leaves the power of marketing in your hands, and you can create content, post news, and send it all out on your own accord.

Part of this, as mentioned earlier, is using the business-savvy social media sites’ various functions. Using a newsfeed mechanism to send out announcements to your connections is one type of function. Another is setting up a social media widget whereby you can incorporate a subscription function on your web page sidebar, and even create one for others to use for your site. Don’t worry if this sounds odd. Just think about those little icons on the side web pages that you see online and that, when you click on them, you can get regular information feed from that particular site. If it still sounds confusing, search out an example online. A social media widget is easy to set up, and easy to use as well. It will allow your clients to get information on your business quick and become a regular to your business services.

In fact, that’s really the key to being your own DIY social media expert. Learning how to use it takes just a short time, but being a regular user is what will bring in the green. Social media is something made for people to use and use regularly, so it’s another tool to help you and your business be a successful presence online.

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