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The Difference Between Houzz and Pinterest: Which One Is the Right Marketing Tool for Your Business?

Pinterest Vs Houzz

There are so many social media platforms available online these days that it can be challenging to determine which ones work best for your business practices. In truth, it really just depends on a few different factors: the type of business you’re in and who your target demographic is. Once you have these two things down pat, then you can find the right avenue to market your business, products, and services effectively. Houzz and Pinterest are two social media outlets in particular that are in direct competition with one another and even though they share a lot of similarities, they’re also vastly different from one another.

Keep reading to learn more about how Houzz and Pinterest can help elevate your online marketing strategies and increase your web site traffic and conversion rates.

The Difference Between Houzz and Pinterest

The main difference between Houzz and Pinterest is that the Houzz has a much more specific base of users. Houzz is geared toward helping users find their ideal interior designers, architects, decorating ideas, and home specialists. The idea is to inspire users and give them home remodelling and renovation ideas.

Pinterest, on the other hand, has a more widespread platform in the sense that you can pretty much find anything on it. Whether you’re looking for wedding decoration ideas or planning on redesigning your living space, Pinterest has it all. You can even search for funny memes, inspirational quotes, exercise hacks, housecleaning tips, and so much more.

You can even share and pin all of your favourite posts on Pinterest and create groups with your friends so that you can all simultaneously view the same posts. The only downfall with Pinterest is that it doesn’t allow you to directly contact or connect with companies like Houzz does. On Houzz, you can leave reviews and even ask questions on company profiles.

How Houzz and Pinterest Can Benefit Your Business

Houzz may not be as widely used or popular as Pinterest, but one of the perks of Houzz is that it has a very specialized platform that can be used to attract homeowners or people in the market for selling their properties. If you happen to be working in the real estate industry, then Houzz promotion is what you need to elevate your business and reach your target audience.

Of course, you should still also consider Pinterest promotion for the simple reason that the more social media platforms you’re on, the more you can spread out your online reach and increase your conversion rates.

At Numero Uno Web Solutions, we completely understand that it can be incredibly difficult for business owners to keep up with the constantly evolving world of social media, especially since there are always new platforms being developed. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed with all of the different options at your fingertips and are confused about which ones you should be using, we can help ease some of that stress by taking over your social media marketing for you. Contact us today to learn all about how we can manage your social media accounts for you and increase your conversion rates in the process.

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