Benefits of Social Media Marketing

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

social media marketingSocial media is increasingly popular as a technique. There are few professional marketers around who say they don’t keep up with their company’s Facebook or Twitter posts or some other form of social media. While some skepticism is understandable—this is a new form of communication after all—social media marketing is going to be here to stay and any company who doesn’t take advantage of this will risk being left behind.

There is a huge potential for boosting your ROI with social media marketing, but it must be done properly. Too many businesses expect returns on their social media efforts without a sufficient understanding of how the sites they’re using function or what their audience wants. This is not a “if you build it, they will come” situation. By knowing the right ways to cultivate your content, you can use social media marketing to achieve any of the following benefits.

Increased Brand Recognition

People go with products they find more familiar, even if that familiarity is just in passing. If you have an article in someone’s Twitter newsfeed, even if they don’t read it, that places your name in the back of their mind for the next time they make a decision about what product or service to get. Obviously, it’s better if the prospective customer actually reads your content, which is another way social media marketing can help. Every form of syndication is another bridge extended between possible customers and your company. By creating content relevant to your audience’s interest, you further facilitate their interactions with your brand. Eventually, potential customers will become more acquainted and familiar with you as your content appears regularly on multiple social media networks.

Improved Customer Loyalty

When companies engage on social media, they enjoy higher rates of brand loyalty from customers. This is because companies who maintain a social media presence build their authority with their audience. It creates a sense of reliability and trust that eventually makes you the “go-to” source for the service or product you offer. A strategic social media plan will let you cultivate content to keep followers engaged and in the end be more loyal purchasers. Use the tools social media makes available to better stay in touch with your audience. Stay on top of what’s popular by keeping an eye on trending topics so you can create content of better interest and relevance to your potential and current customers.

More Conversion Points

Every time you post something to a social media platform, you are accessing new, recent, old, and potential customers at the same time. This turns each one of your blog posts, image shares, videos, or comments into an opportunity for someone to react and visit your main site. It also gives you a chance to potentially convert that visit into a purchase. To maximize on your potential conversions, make sure you give your audience a reason to click your links. This has as much to do with quality content than it does with being topical, relevant, and making interesting lead sentences. Avoid vulgarities and be clear and precise about what customers could expect to find if they click your link. For instance, if you are sharing a piece of customer testimony, pitch it as “Find how [product] made Susan’s hair the talk of the prom!” rather than “Find out what Susan thought of [product]!”

Humanize Your Company

Similar to the above, social media marketing can lead to not only more opportunities for conversion, but better conversion rates overall. This is in part due to how social media can be used to humanize your company. Your brand can talk, laugh, and share links with people on social media just like their friends can. This helps foster trust and credibility that will make people want to do business with you. After all, who would you rather make a purchase from: a friendly fellow who seems to “get” you, or a faceless logo?

Incidentally, this humanization factor is an extra reason why automation or “twitter-bots” are a bad idea. Social media is about people interacting with people. If someone notices they’re dealing with a robot, your brand will be hurt more than helped.

Increased Brand Authority and Trust

When people want to brag, they post on social media. Similarly, when people are frustrated, they make social media posts. Ideally, you want people bragging about your product or service since it provides you with a follower, a happy customer spreading the word, and reinforces your name as a quality provider of the product in question. Having said that, you can also use negative social media comments to your advantage. If you find that someone has posted about a bad experience with you on, say, Facebook, leave a comment saying that you hear what they are saying and will be taking steps to address the matter. If possible, place a follow-up comment later to describe what developments have happened in their problem resolution. This sort of responsiveness helps build trust and establishes your company as one that cares about how its customers feel. It forms goodwill that will translate into customer loyalty.

Better Search Engine Optimization

Your SEO is what determines where Google presents your website when potential customers search. Google’s algorithms, and those of other search engines, include social media presence in their rankings. How much people are talking about your company or sharing your links on social media will directly affect how your business appears in Google’s listings. This is because the algorithms are always on the lookout for sites that are credible and authoritative, both of which are traits you build by being popular on social media.

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