Avoiding Messy Social Media in Online Business

Avoiding Messy Social Media in Online Business

Avoiding Messy Social Media in Online BusinessFalling to Pieces

You may have looked around your office and noticed that it’s, well, a mess. Old documents with coffee stains, a full trash can, and piles of dusty books and computer gear are all fairly commonplace in any pro’s workplace. If you take the old mantra “a mess means that a genius is at work” to heart, you might be able to live with your slightly disheveled environment.

But your office, man cave, den—those places can get messy. Some places, however, simply can’t.

Online business pros have to put a lot of effort into organizing their work; after all, it’s what people see online that leaves an impression, helping them decide if they’ll buy your wares. Letting things get disorganized is a good way to let your business fall to pieces in a short period of time.

With certain online business media, keeping it closely watched and organized is paramount. The key example here, of course, is your business’ web site. That said, it’s important to note other areas that can get disorganized, often without you even knowing about it. Social media is one such area; you may not even realize when using it what a disorganized mess your social media has become. That’s why it’s important to know how to “clean” your social media and keep it organized, so that your business never falls to pieces.

Good Going Over

Even if you’re using multiple social media sites, you might find they’re easy enough to manage—you create an account for your business, then just keep adding content when necessary. However, it’s when you start to  use multiple social media web sites and make them more elaborate that things get out of hand.

This is where your social media management needs to begin. If you’re using social media for professional purposes, it needs to be treated professionally as well. Check all of your social media web sites for any disorganization, which means accessing them and seeing how they appear online. Your update might have occurred more than once, creating repeated content. When doing your social media marketing strategy, you might have also overloaded a social media page with huge, complex graphics or confusing-looking content; if you find any, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

In the end, the answer to all this is simply giving your social media web sites a thorough going over from time to time. This could entail editing content or removing links or images that you no longer need.

Thorough Care

Whenever you add graphics to your social media web sites, make sure they publish properly. If you are doing social media blog updates, the content should be grammatically correct and, as with your graphic material, should also display properly online. If you add links, make sure they’re embedded and don’t show the whole 200-character link, which looks sloppy.

Most social media sites used for online businesses are pretty easy to use: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, among others, are easy to adapt and add to over time. They are not perfect, however, and glitches do occur. Taking the time to thoroughly repair these glitches, learning the proper updating skills as you go, will make your social media appear more organized and display the most professional image possible to the public. That way, you stand out and don’t get lost in the shuffle.

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