Work and Play—Using the Social Media Blog as a Fun Way to Interact with the Public

Work and Play—Using the Social Media Blog as a Fun Way to Interact with the Public

Using the Social Media Blog as a Fun WayBlogging Beyond the Norm

The number of blogs that one can find with one simple online search is literally uncountable. When the word “blog” was introduced into human linguistic lexicon, many thought it was some nasty medical reference, and disavowed it thereafter. No one really knew what it was.

The truth is that blogs have a place in today’s society. Those free web sites you can start yourself and insert information at your own time, pertaining to your own interest, and with your own design ideas, have left an indelible imprint in society, and allowed people to voice their thoughts more openly than ever before.

For some, this isn’t so good. With the surplus of blogs today, many see them as silly and just overrated gossip columns. But in truth, they are more than that. As an independent business pro and in the arena of social media, you can create a blog that goes beyond the norm of regular and random posting. You can use your social media blog to really connect with the public at large.

Keep it Technical

If you want to use social media blogs to help strengthen your business, you have to be aware of the technical aspects, in terms of both creation and content. More than anything, blogging has a special methodology that determines success.

First off, you have to get the technical material of establishing a blog on social media web sites. Depending on which sites you use, be it Twitter or LinkedIn, it’s important to not only create an account on each one, but also scope out a regular blogging interface. Social media sites often have a space set aside for blogging specifically or within the body of the business’ regular social media homepage. Be sure to search out what is available for you and find the most optimal blog space for your business page.

There are two aspects to the technical writing of social media blogs. The first and most obvious is to keep the language simple and professional. You have to post information that is easy to read and friendly in its prose, but that offers information about your business that the public would be interested in, be it a promotion or new product launch. Gossiping freely and using shoptalk is not on the priority list for you here. If you’re going to keep a social media blog, you have to be fun but informative, not inappropriate and of no service to clients.

The other technical writing aspect is the matter of social media optimization. Now that several social media sites offer optimization services, your blog’s written content should be optimized accordingly with keywords, phrases, etc. This will allow your material to be found in social media and other generic online searches, thus allowing you to be found by a greater client base. This is where social media blogs can really help you and your business.

Articles and Other Publications

If you are an independent business pro, you have an idea just how tight small business social media is and how much information is exchanged online. This can allow you and your blog information to expand across a lot of online borders. Once you get going with your social media blog and get more public exposure, consider creating content for social media magazines. A lot of social media web sites have a need for content where you can publish informative articles with links back to your business. With regular blogging, be sure you scope out future opportunities for more information provision. By doing this, you not only create new avenues for gaining new clients, but also bring real credibility to the world of blogging in the professional world. You create a name for yourself, connect with those who love what you do…it’s how blogging is work and play for you at the same time.

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