What Not to Do in Social Media Marketing

What Not to Do in Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingYou think you’ve got it all down. How to look, how to walk, how to smile, how to say “thank you.” If you get into any kind of business, you quickly learn what is expected of your behavior and how to master this over time to be successful with clients. Once you think you’ve got it, then you imagine you can just continue the way you are going.

But life is never constant and suddenly you are thrown for a loop. You have to work with a colleague with a different personality than you or you have to travel a lot. Your whole life changes abruptly and you have to adapt or quit being in business altogether.

In online business, a lot of pros think they have it down. They learn the trends of online business and then go off on what they think is a set path. But then they get involved in an online business process they are not at ease with and problems start. They quickly learn through hard mistakes that they have to work differently in certain online processes to generate business success for themselves.

Such is the case with social media and marketing for online business. A lot of very good online marketers start using social media for business practices, thinking that it is an easy way to promote their businesses. But there are some guidelines to adhere to if you don’t want to risk problems with social media and marketing.

The best way to illustrate this is seeing what not to do. There are some golden rules of social media for online business and, by getting a feel for some of the mistakes that can be made, you can avoid doing them yourself while still having the pleasure of doing business through social media outlets. Right at the beginning, you should not sway from the rules a social media site sets for businesspeople. There are different rules for businesses than for individual people who use social media. Businesses might have to abide by certain guidelines as to what content they can or cannot post, what sort of keywords or search engine optimization (SEO) practices are available to them, and what ways they can canvass to prospect for clients online. These rules are absolutely necessary to live by for businesses using social media. Straying from them results in business social media sites being shut down or even erased. This is a headache you don’t need and one you can avoid by playing by the rules of social media and business practice relationships.

Another common “don’t” is: don’t use a social media site like a personal social media page. Posting crude photos, lewd content, or any questionable material that some teenagers delight in for their social media usage is an absolute no-no. While the social media network might not take any action, your presentation to clients will seem unacceptable and they will back off your site in a flash. Likewise, don’t create social media blogs that are for anything other than positive client interaction. A lot of so-called business pros bad-mouth clients or competitors or even take political/social platforms with their social media blogs. This makes them come off as arrogant and unsophisticated, and does absolutely nothing to truly improve their social media business strategy. If you need social media tips to improve your blog content, by all means search them out. But avoid the shop talk and silly behavior other online businesses use social media for. It only makes you look bad.

In the end, you just have to be professional. The Internet was, and still is, a truly exciting, revolutionary medium, no matter how you use it. But, with excitement and revolution comes responsibility and online business pros must know where to draw the line if they are going to use social media and other Internet media as a business tool. Have fun with social media, but use it wisely. You are always in control.

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