To the Clubhouse—The Fanfare of the Social Media Business Club

To the Clubhouse—The Fanfare of the Social Media Business Club

To the Clubhouse—The Fanfare of the Social Media Business ClubSomething Special

We all like to feel special. You were a fan of a popular band before they hit it big and were there during their days of growth and excitement. You were at that sports game when your team won the championship. You met that certain someone who complements you and your life. Whatever the case, there’s a magic feeling there and, whether we care to admit it or not, we all love it.

Clients, of any business, particularly like this special feeling. Anyone can get the same old mundane “please” and “thank-you” service from any corner shop they walk into. But when you go out of your way to offer your clients something special, they usually respond well, enjoying the feeling of being special that you impart.

So, why not give it to them?

If there is any reason why social media is great for online business owners, this is exactly why. With social media, you have a vehicle, usually free of charge, that you can use to create a specialty club that’s an extension of your business. You can offer your clients something extra by being a member of your club and they can enjoy participating in it. And with social media, participation is not a challenge at all these days.

Creating a client membership club for your business on social media isn’t much different than some other online business ventures. But there are some better ways to go about it. If you’ve got a social media account going for your business, you’re halfway there.

Getting Them Involved

A social media club for your business requires a little work. It’s its own social media campaign and needs some planning. You’ve got to go about finding ways to get your clients involved with your club.

Through a social media account, you can begin to canvas for a membership package for your club. A good club package is similar to what you might get at a gold course or through a fan club membership. The package will require a registration by the client and being part of a specific group within the social media web site itself. There should be some incentive for them to join, too. This can include certain membership discounts or specialty products by being a member. Regular information provided to your members via a social media blog posting or newsletter is necessary so that they are kept in tune with what is happening at your business.

Depending on how much time and effort you want to spend on your club, you might want to charge a fee to belong to it, but if you do, make sure that only paying members receive exclusive information via your social media sites. Some new social media applications let you create specific groups that only members can register for.

Club for Everyone

Over time, your social media club will likely grow in membership numbers. This is a good thing, but you have to be ready to accommodate everyone. You’ll have to attend your club on a regular basis and create new social media marketing plans to market membership materials to your clients. As a social media campaign, a club is lots of fun but it does require your effort. Be ready for this.

A lot of online business owners still don’t get why social media holds any value for their businesses. With the creation of a specialty club, you have the strange opportunity to communicate with just about everyone out there and let them be part of something that they can check up on quickly, give input for, and receive great products and services all in one place. Social media can bring a lot of people together, make them feel great, and create success for your business in the end. How great is that?

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