Linkedin Profile Tips 2015: 7 Steps to Optimize Your Personal Brand

7 Steps to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile and Boost Your Personal Brand

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile and Boost Your Personal BrandWhile working with major social media sites such as Facebook is important and a practice that should be continued, LinkedIn is just as powerful and capable of boosting your personal brand and company presence. That can be especially true if you take the following seven steps to optimize your LinkedIn profile and boost your personal brand:

1.  Complete Your Profile

Profile completion is not only encouraged on LinkedIn; it’s rated. If you complete your profile’s information in a well-written fashion that includes company information, history, education, accreditations, and skills, you will get a very high rating. Being highly rated lends you better visibility to not only clients, but also prospective associates, all while displaying the best qualities of your business.

2.  Create a Proper Vanity URL

LinkedIn offers users a chance to customize their URL, and creating a proper one matters. Don’t use complicated characters or goofy names; keep it short and use your company name. A simple URL helps others across your LinkedIn network find and link to your business.

3.  Optimize Your Headlines

Like with Twitter, you have to consider how many characters you use for the interface for LinkedIn updates. The site allows for 120 characters, and you have to make them count. Use keyword phrases so your profile can be found in organic searches and enable geo-targeting so you can be found by or suggested to other LinkedIn users within your field or industry.

4.  Customize Your Summary

A lot of companies neglect the summary part of LinkedIn, believing it’s more important to just list skills or updates. However, this is the wrong approach to take; your summary, especially when it includes searchable keywords related to your field, makes it possible for your LinkedIn account to be found through organic searches. It’s also a marketing tool; people can learn about your business, what your specialties are, and what your company has to offer. Take your summary seriously to communicate your company’s unique sales propositions.

5.  Show Work Samples

It’s only recently that LinkedIn began offering a publishing tool for content or media, such as articles, videos, and custom documents. But it’s here now, so take advantage of it; a link to click on or a display of a recently completed project can make your profile and business more enticing to visitors.

6.  Display Real Recommendations

If you’re already on LinkedIn, you’ve likely seen the “Endorse” feature, where you can advocate people for certain skills. However, while these endorsements are both beneficial and highly regarded, well-written recommendations from your colleagues, associates, and/or clients is much more effective.

7.  Publish Blogs on LinkedIn

Another recent function, you can now create blog posts via your LinkedIn account and use them to contribute professional news and information. Your insights and tips could see your posts go viral on the site, and potentially across other social media as well. Moreover, these posts could lead to additional connections being made.

LinkedIn is the professional social media site, and now it has the right tools to help you build your brand easily and effectively. Take advantage of it as much as possible.