Success by Definition: Using Social Media as a Way to Make Your Business Stand Out

Success by Definition: Using Social Media as a Way to Make Your Business Stand Out

Way to Make Your Business Stand OutBusiness and Pleasure

You are serious about your business. But is there ever a time to get creative, relax, and even have some fun with your work? The answer is yes, and it comes in the form of social media marketing. It’s one of the few places that you can combine business and pleasure with reasonable ease to successful ends.

Interestingly, one thing to understand about social media right from the start is that it has to be taken seriously to have any effect on your business online. This doesn’t mean a real button-up, rigorous process a la search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC). It just means you have to approach social media with the same commitment and hard work ethic that you would with your other online business vehicles.

A social media campaign means getting yourself on the right social media sites, creating your own accounts, and, above all, maintaining the accounts over time to ensure you can attract long-term client interest. Social media isn’t a flash-in-the-pan venture—and that’s the serious aspect. You really have to work hard at it to make it work. But once you do put in the effort, you can communicate in more fun ways with clients, often directly, create campaigns that allow you to stretch your creative muscle, such as a limited promotion or surveys from your clients, and establish a real identity for your business that clients will learn to love and will follow its social media activity regularly.

Big or Small

Today, small businesses are often turned away from social media because they see really big companies like Forbes, McDonald’s, or Coca-Cola on the social media web sites doing their own campaigns and the small businesses feel intimidated. But they needn’t be. Smaller businesses have just as good a chance for social media success as any of the bigwigs out there. But there should be some consideration made if you want to direct your efforts to social media for a small business.

You should be using social media web sites that best suit your business or the kind of clients you are trying to reach. You should follow a regular update schedule for your web sites, and track how effectively the sites are working with clients, what sort of promotions work best with your social media crowd, and what sort of feedback you are getting. On the note of tracking, working as much social media SEO you can into the material that you post on the social media sites and optimizing it to the maximum both need to be top priorities.

In a way, no matter what your size, you just have to think big. Today, everyone from independent musicians, surfboard makers, and small clothing manufacturers are getting big responses from going the social media route. Even if it starts with the “liking” of your page from your network of peers or having some people input on your blog or posting fun photos related to your business, social media does have a tendency to generate a lot of strong interest by the small businesses that use it.

Time and Place

One thing that you might notice with your social media marketing work is that it often generates success when it coincides with certain times and places. For example, people often use social media to exchange ideas or thoughts about seasonal sporting events or what’s happening in their community. These areas are worth paying attention to because you can create specific social media campaigns toward these interests based on seasons, certain holidays, or regional trends. If you come across an opportunity to share your content elsewhere such as a social media magazine, think about this as well in order to tailor your social media content to the public’s interest at large.

With social media, you get to think, create, have fun, and bring in success. It’s a way to define yourself and your business. It’s success for which you call the shots.

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