Social Savvy: Some Ways to Bring Your Social Media Campaigns to Life

Social Savvy: Some Ways to Bring Your Social Media Campaigns to Life

Social Savvy: Some Ways to Bring Your Social Media Campaigns to LifeAbove the Blahs

Legendary filmmaker Frank Capra once said that the carnal sin of moviemaking is dullness. Once the medium becomes boring, that’s when you’ve lost everything: your personal flare, your youthful drive for success, and above all, your audience—once they’ve got the message that you’re not interested any longer, then it’s all over.

While Capra knew movies, his philosophy could just as easily be applied to business practices as well. A lot of businesses fail, and often for good reasons, economic changes and products becoming obsolete being two of the best examples that are beyond the entrepreneur’s control. But when if a business becomes bland, boring, and just plain “blah,” clients will get a sense that you’re not interested in what you do and take their business elsewhere. This is not out of anyone’s control.

Today, there’s no real excuse for businesses getting too boring. With some continual hard work and forethought, it can stay above the blahs that affect other businesses. This is all possible with continued work on your business’ social media campaign.

Social media has the ability to keep a business relevant and interesting to the public at large. Since it’s already in the eyes of the public every day, online entrepreneurs have an advantage to keep their business interesting. This interest factor” can keep the business in play time after time.

Contributing Factor

Businesses on social media are only as interesting as the social media campaigns behind them. Entrepreneurs have to bring some real thinking, and then action, to social media. This can be a bit hard on the head, but it’s not as difficult as some may think.

First, little things do help. For example, creating specific content for your social media blog can really help catch the eyes of the public. Too often, businesses update their blogs with dry or poorly presented content. Yet if you take the time to do regularly scheduled and well-composed blog entries that include announcements and exciting products or service information, you can attract people regularly, and even keep them interested for your next post like they would be for a magazine to come in the mail via subscription.

Going a step further, the whole “cool factor” can really bowl over the public on social media. Getting those fancy graphics down for a new product campaign, doing up a social media widget that allows clients to subscribe to your social media sites and its updates, and offering promos exclusively through social media creates an element of exclusivity. This will keep clients hungry for more news from you, and even hungrier for whatever new product offerings you have. Social media often looks so commonplace today, thanks to the many that utilize it, but if you use it towards your own specific business identification, you create something that people want to be part of, like a special club or group.

Renewed Interest

Like minds think alike, so keeping interest in your online business via social media should be also geared to other pros, and not just the regular consumer public. This can include connecting with other pros on social media for small businesses and posting industry-related information, promo material, etc. Also, contributing announcements or even a good industry-related editorial to a social media magazine can help your business sustain its appeal to all those that might be interested.

A little spectacle can go a long way. If you think of the kids posting their favourite photos or thoughts on social media and how much feedback they get back from friends, you can imagine just how much buzz online companies can create by using social media to dazzle their clients. That’s its own spectacle, and you can create it for your online business through social media almost effortlessly.

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