Social Range: Using Social Media Marketing to Better Hit Your Target Audience

Social Range: Using Social Media Marketing to Better Hit Your Target Audience

Using Social Media Marketing to Better Hit Your Target AudiencePutting a Bead on It—or Them

In business, you often hear the sales pros talk about hitting the target. In other words: you have to try to reach the client base who would be most interested in your product for the best business potential you could possibly gain. Despite the seemingly endless landscape of the World Wide Web, hitting the target also applies in online business—it’s just a matter of figuring out how.

One outlet for this that some business owners forget about is the social media web site. Besides being fun to use, social media is great for accessing your target audience. You can create accounts on numerous social media web sites for your business, and in doing so effectively create a piece of online proprietorship for it. You can upload graphics and promo material, create your own social media marketing plan to advertise individual or groups of products, and so much more.

What’s key here is just how multi-faceted social media is in its use and that almost everybody can use it more or less on their own terms. And it’s usually free and easy to walk yourself through from the get-go. This is the beginning of targeting your audience or, as the old army phrase goes, “Put a bead on your target.” But then there’s more.

Split on the Aces

The common misconception of social media is that it’s all the same—web site to web site, program to program—but that isn’t true. Each social media web site has its own makeup and usage practice for online business owners. Thus it never hurts to investigate them all to see how much each one can be put to good use for online business potential. Using multiple social media platforms is a way you can split up some of your work and widen the possibilities for new client interest.

A thorough investigation of each social media web site is obviously in order, and it never hurts to take tips from your online business peers on which web sites are the best and how to use the sites optimally. Learn the sites’ functions and all the ins and outs, terms and conditions, and connection possibilities of all of them. From there, it’s worth it to approach each one with a different social media campaign; this is a plan of action for how to use each one individually for separate business purposes. Some of you might want to try to connect with a younger audience, while others may wish to target more professional types who would have an interest in a particular product. Either way, your plan of action is good as long as you approach each of your targets from a different social media marketing angle.

Another note here: be sure not to use duplicate content from one social media web site you use to the next. Not only will clients spot this and get peeved about your apparent lack of professional effort, but doing so could also hamper your social media optimization during online searches. So now let’s see what tools are available to help you out.

New Toys to Play With

The ability to optimize your social media content is a recent phenomenon. Now you can practice social media SEO [search engine optimization] in the same way you can optimize your regular web content and products. You can even measure your social media web site’s performance through analytics tools. They are all fun and handy “toys” that can help you with business improvements.

In fact, all of this is social media material worth getting to know. Moreover, it’s worth using these tools to full effect. Getting to know social media will allow you to connect with more people up close while hitting your business targets square on. Your social range in social media is huge and full of great prospects.

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