5 Lesser-Known But Useful Social Media Web Sites

The “Other” Social Media Sites for Online Marketing Success

Social Media Sites for Online Marketing SuccessYou know Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn—the usual social media sites. You likely use at least one of them for your company’s social media campaign and have seen varying degrees of success. But what about the others?

There are a slew of new social media sites, many of which are unfamiliar to online marketers, yet possess great business potential. While you obviously can’t be on all of them, here are five you might not be aware of:

1.  Google+

While you’ve likely heard of Google+, you’re less likely to be using it. If you aren’t, you should know about some of its useful features, including Google+ pages, which allow businesses to connect with fans and display new promos and marketing, and the view count feature, which displays the number of times one’s content has been viewed.

2.  Ello

Ello was just released this year and, as a new social media site, is something of an antithesis to Facebook. It has a “no ad” policy and refuses to go the typical social media route of bombarding users with marketing material. While this sounds contrary to what you may think social media should be doing in regards to business, many companies have been impressed with Ello’s ability to engage online audiences, build relationships, and be a platform for a different style of attracting consumers to a business.

3.  StumbleUpon

Possessing a unique way of using social media to draw attention to a business, StumbleUpon has actually been around a while. With its collaborative filtering system, StumbleUpon can help create virtual communities of like-minded users. The site also has the means to send viewers right to an advertiser’s page, thus simplifying your business’ social media and marketing operations.

4.  WhatsApp

More of a mobile application, WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in early 2014 and has become a hot commodity with many new social media and mobile fans alike. While WhatsApp does not support advertising, you can still use your account to share images and information while directing clients to your web site.

5.  Cucumber Town

Given its unique name, you might not be surprised to learn that Cucumber Town focuses on food. It’s a very visual social media site, like Pinterest or Instagram, and its focus on food means that if your business has anything to do with cuisine, cooking, or the like, you can use it to easily connect with many potential customers.

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