Social Media Blogging for Success in Online Business

Social Media Blogging for Success in Online Business

Success in Online BusinessIf you were to go back two or so decades and ask people what a web site was, they’d probably tell you that it’s where a spider lives. If you wanted to know about search engine optimization (SEO), they might start scanning the pages of a Marvel comic or science fiction paperback for answers. Even if you wanted to tell people about the concept of cable-based Internet, they might want to know if it was possible to still catch Dynasty or The A-Team on primetime. There have been more new concepts, words, and definitions than people can shake a stick at.

One word that a lot of people both young and old wrinkle their nose at is the term “blog.” Even author Christopher Buckley has equated it with being lavatorial in its basic linguistic pronunciation. Others decry not only its sound but also its function—a free piece of web space where you can go and riff off on anything you like, from beer to basic woodworking. A lot of people think that blogs are second-rate forms of communication and should be avoided at all costs.

This is far from true and thankfully only a myth. Blogs can be a handy tool for any person, especially a marketer, to have. Particularly with social media blogs, you can find a creative outlet to help market your materials while using humor, information, and media to bring a whole new group of people to your business.

Social media blogging is different from personal blogging. Instead of ranting about bad sports teams or raving about the new brand of stout down at the pub, you have to stay focused on the marketing aspects of your business—or social media marketing. You have to use social media as a positive outlet for promoting your business, and as such, all of your blog information should be geared towards that. Updates on your new products, special promotions, membership-type ideas—all of this is material that should feature prominently on your blog. Using social media is fun, but a social media blog is more focused and professional.

That leads to setting up a blog on a social media web site.  For social media campaigns, blogs aren’t always best or possible, partly because some social media sites don’t allow them. When you start using each new social media site, be it Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, make sure that there is a place for a blog entry and put your own paragraphs in. If they don’t have a blog space, you might want to rethink using it for any blogging-type promotions.

Blogging itself is also important to note. Your entries should be regularly scheduled, fun to read, and well written. Only a few paragraphs are necessary and you should make it like a short article where you combine news and anecdotes in harmony to keep the reader engaged. Some relevant graphics are good too. Now you don’t have to be up on the SEO or keywords for social media—that stuff doesn’t really work in social media—but you should be placing links back to your web site at the end of every entry, so clients can refer back to it for more information. Also use a bit of teaser information at the end to keep clients interested in reading more and becoming more involved with your work. Blogs might not have the most formal reputation, but this can be good for you. Keeping a looser business platform allows clients to get comfortable with what you do and feel more at home with your services.

If you get stuck with this, consult other online sites for social media tips and ideas. There are tons out there and there are some creative ones to utilize at that. Blogging might sound like an odd hobby to some, but in online business, it can be a fun business method that yields serious success for you and your business.

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