Scoping out the Holidays and Special Calendar Moments for Social Media Marketing Success

Scoping out the Holidays and Special Calendar Moments for Social Media Marketing Success

paymentHaving as Much Fun as the Kids, Especially When Business Is Good

If you’re alive and breathing these days, you’ve probably noticed the shades of orange and black decorating the drugstores, shopping malls, and school lunchroom halls. Halloween is afoot, and people all around North America, and even beyond, are getting ready to participate in the season of witches, zombies, and carved jack-o’-lanterns. It’s a fun time, especially for the kids, to indulge their loves of fantasy and sugar-saturated treats at the same time.

As a parent, you might be groaning a bit this time of year. You’ve got enough on your hands, organizing parties and stitching costumes. But then, you are also thinking about Thanksgiving that is just around the corner, which means you have to cook the big dinner, and host guests, as well. It’s so nice that the kids have fun this time of year. You don’t always.

But, as a business pro, why should the kids have all the fun? If we are seeing a festive season coming with Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other great calendar events thereafter, your fun in business is almost ongoing for an extended period. This is never so true than for the use of social media platforms in online business.

Social Media’s Primed for Festivities

If you’ve been in business for a while, you know the importance of taking advantage of the holidays for business success. Marking up the calendar for the important dates of business activity throughout the year is necessary if you are going to make the most of your business potential. As it happens, social media campaigns fit perfectly into this. Since social media works as a way to communicate with people on the most personal level, social media marketing allows people to access your business when they probably need your services and/or products the most: the holiday and festive seasons of a calendar year.

As you probably know, pre-holiday rushes for gifts drive people to their computers to search out things they may want to purchase for their loved ones. In a way, they are almost looking for the right offers to buy. This is the prime time for you and your business, so you have to be ready.

Tailoring Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns for Maximum Success

All of these festive seasons require you to get down to a little social media management. You have to come up with the correct social media campaign for each season, what special offers you are going to advertise, and how you are going to market them. There are umpteen options here, but you can start by posting a banner or poster ad for a seasonal discount on a certain purchase amount. If you are working through a social media widget or information feed to select clients, you can offer specials directly to your most trusted clients, i.e., the ones that purchase from you the most. What’s more is that if you are working through select social media web sites, or one catering to small business social media, you can hit your target client bases quicker by zeroing on the social media sites that will have a higher probability of delivering a return.

In the end, it’s all about tailoring your social media platform to accommodate whatever calendar event is coming up. If you think about the big companies like Wal-Mart or Coca-Cola, and how they make offers to their clients around the holiday season, you can use them as role models to develop your social media to be a vehicle of digital marketing. It can be fun, too—you can get new “fans” to add to your client base who will want future sales information from you via social media.

When you scope out the holidays a bit, your business can enjoy the exact same pleasures as the kids do during a festive season at any time of the year. It’s the best way to enjoy the holidays.

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