Live Wires—Creating a Great Marketing Campaign with Social Media

Live Wires—Creating a Great Marketing Campaign with Social Media

social media marketing Taking the Stand

We’ve all heard the term “Internet sensation.” The musicians that got signed thanks to their online demo postings, the job seeker who found his job online, the video series that caught on with the Internet users—the list goes on and on. Say what you will about the World Wide Web, but it really is an arena to create sensations.

And if this is the case, why can’t you get in on it?

With online business, there’s no time like now to get into the practice of creating your own online sensations. There are a lot of outlets for this, but social media might be the best place to take the stand here. Social media web sites have that ability to allow you a platform for your own Internet sensation.

Whenever you create an account for your business on social media web sites, you are staking a claim for yourself. It’s yours to do with what you wish, and it’s up to you to use it to the maximum possible effect. While the recreational user might just want to post photos and input daily quips or complaints, social media has a much broader content field for online business pros. It’s the podium for letting the public know about their products and services with an added advantage of pushing something exciting into the public sphere.

Whetting the Commercial Appetite

Creating an online sensation is really just whetting the public’s appetite. To do this, your head has to be in the mindset of presenting a new idea in a way that will entice people to buy. Beyond that, it’s all how you use the social media mechanisms themselves.

It’s good to take advantage of a clearly defined social media marketing strategy in the same way you might plan a normal marketing strategy for your other products in other media. For a good social media platform, this means having ads specifically done to be uploaded to the social media web sites themselves, perhaps with an embedded promotion or limited time offer that clients can get in on right there and then. You may want to create or configure your ads specifically for social media web sites so that you can use them again for other social media marketing campaigns. Even offering special coupons or exclusive offers to social media clients can create a certain buzz that will bring you a strong client response.

Within the social media confines of your account, you can have up-to-the-moment news feeds for new products, humorous anecdotes, and photos from events. All of this generates an impression of life behind-the-scenes at your business and it conveys to the public that you are alive, working, and enthusiastic. That enthusiasm is contagious and can bring in clients who want a piece of your business’ action.

Renewed Interest

In fact, the common misconception about social media platforms is that you need to do the occasional—but huge—marketing splash each time you want to create some sort of new exciting platform for your business. However, small, ongoing processes can be even more effective in the long term. Regular updates to your status or insightful, informative entries into your social media blog can create genuine interest in your business over the long haul. In a way, it’s not much different than how your friends or kids use social media. The ones that do regular updates tend to receive more interest in their social life, and this approach is worth noting for a good social media strategy.

Social media is there to be used, and this includes businesses using them to the best possible outcome. Whether you’re planning a big launch for a new product or you want continued, gradual interest in what you do, social media has the power to keep and renew interest in your business, and will have clients coming back for more. It’s the best of today’s digital business world’s live wires.

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