LinkedIn Page Optimization Tips for Small Business Owners

LinkedIn Page Optimization Tips for Small Business Owners

LinkedIn company page optimization tipsMost businesses now understand the importance of social media for their marketing strategy, but using LinkedIn for local business is often a neglected strategy. There are many reasons why a LinkedIn strategy for business owners can be particularly effective. LinkedIn links are often one of the first Google results, as the site is trusted and valued by many. Furthermore, LinkedIn is the biggest social media site for business networking. While Facebook or Twitter may reach more consumers, a LinkedIn page can be crucial for attracting top talent, improving professional reputation, and reaching LinkedIn’s 259 million userbase.

Here are some LinkedIn company page optimization tips that can help you make the most of your page.

Complete Your LinkedIn Company Page

Your LinkedIn page should be completed. Just like how individual pages with photos and full profiles make a better impression on employers, company pages that are fully completed make a better impression on consumers. This means including your company’s logo, web site URL, and contact information, along with a description of what your company does.

Apply SEO and Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

Your company description on your LinkedIn page should still use SEO and relevant keywords, just like with the content on your web site. This will ensure that your page ranks highly in both relevant LinkedIn and Google searches.

Showcase Pages: Highlight Your Products/Services

On your LinkedIn page, mention the products and services that your company offers. You can include links back to your web site or sales pages to create conversions from LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a site for business networking, but you can optimize your page for lead generation and sales, too.

Add Admins Who Can Share Updates

Add a few admins for your LinkedIn company page so that your company can provide constant updates throughout the day. With any social media page, you need to have consistent activity to engage users. As LinkedIn allows multiple admins, you should make use of this feature.

Share All Types of Content

LinkedIn pages allow for many different types of content that you can share. These include company news, industry and product updates, events, articles and blogs, webinars, and even memes and graphics. Share a mix of engaging content to attract as broad a base as possible. There is no better way how to increase followers on your LinkedIn company page.

Encourage Employees to Share Your Page

With any social media site, there is strength in numbers. Encourage your employees to update their own LinkedIn pages, linking their job history to your company page. As well, encourage former employees to leave recommendations for your company, which can boost its profile.

Add a Careers Tab

Of course, you shouldn’t ignore LinkedIn’s main purpose, which is for careers and job seeking. While reaching consumers and increasing your brand are both important, make sure you have a careers tab for people looking for jobs. Post job openings on LinkedIn, too. LinkedIn’s user base has a disproportionate amount of talented professionals.

Sync It with Your Other Social Media Sites

All of your social media networks should be synced and linked up with each other. Include links on LinkedIn that lead to your other social media pages, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Doing this can increase your followers across multiple platforms.

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