Infusion and Inspiration–Some Creative Ideas to Make Your Social Media Campaigns Stronger

Infusion and Inspiration–Some Creative Ideas to Make Your Social Media Campaigns Stronger

Infusion and InspirationFrom Boring to Brilliant

Everything in life needs to be re-energized once in awhile if it’s going to last. A car company has to innovate and create a new model if it’s going to stay contemporary in the eyes of the driving masses. Movie studios have to try new film narratives after going trends lose the audience’s attention. Even people’s relationships often need some new inspiration to help keep feelings strong, be it a much-needed vacation or a vows-renewal celebration.

Life seems to move semilinearly, with peaks and valleys of good and bad times. When things go well, people will typically stick to what they’re already doing. When things go into a slump, it’s time to problem solve and re-invent. The latter periods can be tough but they are usually part-and-parcel to both personal and professional success.

The above analogy is important to follow in online marketing. When things are hopping along and your business is doing well, you can just keep doing what you are doing. But usually there are periods when your old habits are not working, at which time you have to perk them up a bit. When using social media for online marketing practices, you will see this need regularly and so you will have to come up with new ways to improve your social media marketing plan to attract new clients while sustaining the interest of the already existing ones. If your old social media marketing content is getting boring, you just have to take a few fundamental steps to make it brilliant again.

Getting Creative

The great thing about social media and marketing is that they’re fun. Other marketing areas usually require a lot of headwork, some economic principles, and an almost scientific approach to trying to get the public interested in your business. But with social media and social media web sites, it’s a bit more of a creative operation. The social media web sites usually offer a forum environment, around and into which you just have to infuse your own ideas.

Offering promotions is a good idea for marketing your business. Presenting limited-time offers, doing a contest of some sort, or having your clients take a survey that results in a discount on your products are all ways to bring new life to your social media marketing plan. If you are a social media user, even as a non-business person, on the usual social media web sites–Facebook, Twitter, etc.–you often see how some big businesses offer promotions in the side columns of the sites. That’s more or less the template for you to follow. Offering your own promotions through your own social media accounts can cause people to take new interest in your products or services.

There are other ways to get creative with your social media marketing plan. Doing a video just for clients on your social media site(s), contributing content to a social media magazine, or using the social media web sites to regularly post industry news are other possible outlets for you and your business. In the end, you are using social media to, well, be social, and you have ample opportunity to apply much creativity to interacting with your client base while getting them more interested in your business.

Again and Again, Better and Better

The trick with social media is that it’s not a one-time marketing venture. Sure, there will be times when you are in a slump and the traffic through your social media web sites won’t be so high. But the rule of thumb is not to abandon it altogether—using social media as a successful marketing tool for your business means committing to using it for the long run. Luckily, it’s usually free and can be used fairly easily. You just have to adopt the philosophy of working at it again and again, making it better each time. Once you’ve got that idea set in your mind, you’ll see how social media can be a real marketing tool for your business over the long haul.

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