Top 10 Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook

Top 10 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

Facebook LikesThere’s no question that Facebook is an invaluable SEO tool. Social media has too many users to ignore, and Facebook is the premiere social media site; therefore, companies need it in their marketing arsenal.

But to drive SEO on Facebook, people need to “like” the content on your page. The more likes you get, the more SEO traffic you generate. Here are 10 ways to get more likes on Facebook:

1.  Target Something People Love

First and foremost, you need to have something that grabs people’s attention; this could be updates about current industry trends and new product releases or quality, attention-catching photos. In order to get likes, it’s imperative to remain current and provide your Facebook viewers with material that will engage them, eventually leading them to your other online content.

2.  Create Amazing Content

Once you have something interesting to show your Facebook fans, you have to create the appropriate content. This material should be researched, engaging, and generate discussion. Even minor developments are appropriate Facebook content if well-written and displayed as a fascinating development.

3.  Have Relevant Covers and Photos

Social media is a certain visual medium, so photos and graphics can really boost people’s desire to like a piece of content, making your Facebook wall an engaging SEO sales tool. Your cover banner and any photos you upload need to be related to your products and services and be as current and visually appealing as possible. It’s also a good rule of thumb to change your cover and profile photo on a regular basis to make your wall appear fresher.

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4.  Run a Contest

Contests have become a popular part of Facebook, not just for entertainment, but also to boost SEO traffic. You can post trivia questions or raffle details to your wall for the chance for people to win an industry-related prize, but only allow people who liked your page to be eligible. It might sound underhanded, but many businesses have noted how contests generate engagement in digital material and incite clients to return to your page.

5.  Have Fans Receive Notifications

When you like a business or franchise on Facebook, you’ll notice you begin to receive regular updates about the company you liked; this can benefit your business as well. Create a Facebook fan page for people to like and post regular updates; just make sure that your notifications option is turned on. Through the fan page, people will receive instant notifications sent directly to their notifications pages.

6.  Post Images Over Status Updates and Links

A stream of visuals on your Facebook page can generate likes—in some cases, more than updates and links. You may be able to combine the right content with the right image, but the likes often drop off quickly. Facebook is primarily visual, so an image can go a very long way.

7.  Use Facebook Ads

One thing all Facebook marketers agree on is the power of the site’s ads. That’s because they create instant visibility for businesses and are generally favoured by the site’s users, as they aren’t visually intrusive. However, Facebook ads will still require testing to see which generate the greatest response. You’ll also have to target them towards the right audiences based on their interests or where they live. Ads should also feature graphics and provide some sort of incentive for clicking on the ad, like a free e-book or coupons.

8.  Add a Button/Box on Your Blog

People should be offered a way to like your Facebook page from outside of Facebook itself. Rather than set up some complex series of links to get a visitor onto Facebook, use your blog’s social media plugin to enable blog readers to like your Facebook page from the blog itself.

9.  Integrate Facebook Comments

Getting visitors to hit the like button is good, but giving them a place to actively contribute is even better. For Facebook, this can be done through comments, which allow the audience to offer constructive criticism, share information, and generally keep your traffic up. It goes without saying that you’ll get some crude and negative comments–it’s the Internet, after all–but allowing for comments is an overall positive, beneficial option.

10. Incorporate Exclusive Videos

Videos are the pièce de résistance of Facebook marketing. The videos reported to draw the most likes are those giving a behind-the-scenes look at their subject, an interview of a special person, and an infographic or seminar that educates viewers. Videos are easy to make and if the time is put into editing, including transitions and music, they will bring in more than their fair share of likes.