How Social Media Can Drive Your Business

How Social Media Can Drive Your Business

Most people who shop online read customer reviews before making the decision to purchase. They want to see what people who’ve dealt with the business experienced, and if they have any secrets to share. Obviously, good reviews are great for your business. However, for every good review there may also be a bad one. It’s your job to make sure these negative reviews are few and far between.

The first step to learn about what people are saying about your business is to Google the name of your company. See what comes up – if there’s not much there, it means you should beef up your online presence. Look at the reviews of local sites like Yelp!, Citysearch and Yahoo! Local to get a feel for what travelers and people in your community are saying about your business.

Sign up with Google Alerts so you’re notified when your business is mentioned in a review. Next, pay attention to what people are saying and respond accordingly. Use the platform to thank customer, engage them and show they what you’re about. If you receive a negative review, don’t respond in haste. Instead, think about what the person has said and see if it has any truth. Then follow-up with the reviewer – either privately or publicly, explain what happened and how you can improve the situation. You may not be able to make everyone happy, but you can try.

Having a good reputation with reviewers can really help your business grow and uphold a positive image. Monitor and be active in the process so you know the consensus and can quickly right the ship if things slip. The impact of peer groups, reviews and social media is to big to ignore, so try and make it a regular part of growing your online business.

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