5 Things Your Social Media Monitoring Should Have

Helping Hand: Taking Your Social Media Efforts to the Next Level

Social Media MonitoringSocial media has come a long way; it used to be that you just put a marketing campaign online and prayed. But now, businesses have the tools to help refine a social media campaign. But which tools—or rather, software programs—are the right ones?

When shopping around for a quality social media monitoring and analytics system, ask yourself five questions that can help you make the right decision:

1.  Can it manage multiple campaigns?

You’re likely managing several social media web sites. A good monitoring program can run up to 10 campaigns simultaneously while allowing you easy access to them at any time.

2.  How good are the analytics?

Not all analytics programs are the same. Some are hard to read, while some better ones offer reports from your social media SEO in the form of a PDF or spreadsheet. You need to investigate each program to make sure they have the right sort of analytics program for your business.

3.  Can it provide negative feedback?

Some social media monitoring programs can track negative feedback about your business, such as what appears on a blog or review site. This might not sound good, but it’s a useful way to make improvements to your business and ensure your social media platforms are appealing to clients.

4.  Are the content management features viable?

Most social media monitoring companies offer their products in package deals; the more you pay, the more functions are available. The features often vary, from tips for your social media management to objectives for your social media web sites. These can really help if you’re in a social media marketing slump, but don’t just take the first package that looks appealing; shop around for a cost-effective option that has the features you need.

5.  Are there scheduling functions?

If you’re working on the different aspects of social media sites, you have to perform regular updates. Missing one could mean a loss of profits and clients, so make sure your monitoring system has a scheduling function that lets you input content and publish it on time.

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