Going Public with Social Media Optimization and Digital Business

Going Public with Social Media Optimization and Digital Business

Social Media OptimizationIt’s great when you come across something you like by surprise. You dine at a restaurant that you never had before, or you find a remote beach in your travels. It’s great to walk into something that’s not well known and feeling exclusive or privileged that you were the one who came across it. You tend to embrace it and are thankful for the surprise that came your way.

Oddly, for all the criticism directed toward it, there are a lot of hidden gems out there buried on the Internet. Collectors have finally got access to old music and movies that they thought were lost. A lot of people have gained access to information that they couldn’t due to their location in the world. And, most importantly, people who have been separated for years have been reconnected thanks to social-media networks that were no cost to subscribe to and rekindled their relationships. If that doesn’t justify the existence of the World Wide Web, maybe nothing will.

It’s this sort of benefit of social media—connecting people by surprise or discovery—that is beneficial to online business pros. While social media is often labeled as a silly waste of time for teenagers and bored stay-at-home types, it can actually be great for business these days, thanks to the concept of social-media optimization (SMO). Like search engine optimization (SEO), SMO is a fairly new concept and one of those ways that business pros can become a client’s unique surprise while creating a great and fun livelihood for himself across the digital frontier.

If you are familiar with SEO and SEO techniques, SMO won’t be so hard to get started on. It uses a lot of similar methods to build up a following with clients and doesn’t necessarily need to be done by a slick computer ace. You should start by combing the various social-media sites to see what is out there and which ones suit your business. There are the ones like Facebook that often suit a more purely social phenomenon, while there are others like Twitter than can be more for heavy, professional use. Again, just see what’s out there and note what other businesses are doing on them to get an idea of how you can use them to your advantage.

Most likely, you will have to create some sort of business “fan” or homepage on your social-media site once you’ve found the ones you like. You should be sure to post some graphics, information content and other transferrable data that are relative to your business. If you get stuck with this, search out other businesses on that social-media site to see how they do it. From there, you should start sending your social-media page links out to clients and friends. They can add it to their networks and recommend it to others. You can also get RSS feeds going or create imbedded blogs within the social-media site as well. Whatever you do, make sure it is updated frequently and that you offer the social-media network some access to your business with discounts or promotions. Like SEO, you want SMO to drive traffic online, and this sort of activity is how you do it.

To get connected with these sites and to post links to your web site, you have to go back to those SEO techniques that involve interlinking, whereby you leave links on certain Web pages while placing others on yours. For social media optimization (SMO), you may even be required to place your link in a particular interface and code it the way they want you to. If you do so, make sure you are up your Meta-tagging techniques, as you may have to useMeta tagging and imbedding of hyperlinks in mark-ups to ensure that your links are properly in place. For this information, make sure you get in touch with the social media or read its guidelines information page to do the job of SMO properly and in accordance with their standards.

In the end, you just have to let people discover you. Like the social media your kids or friends use, SMO depends solely on people finding you and exchanging information. It’s more relaxed and ultimately more fun to do business online these days. Get out there and get ready to be discovered thanks to SMO.

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