Going Down the List: Creating a Social Media Marketing Methodology that Actually Works

Going Down the List: Creating a Social Media Marketing Methodology that Actually Works

Social Media Marketing Methodology that Actually WorksWork vs. Play

It’s a topic that’s been beaten to death, but there are still a lot of concerned parents, teachers, and interest groups asking the question: is social media messing with our children, family values, and brains? Everywhere you go, people are logging on, and clicking their thumbs away to connect to people, and indulge in idle communication. Surely, their brains are turning to mush, and their attention spans are going down the drain. These digital sites are nothing shy of a corrupting influence, and need to be dealt with now!

Well, that’s one opinion, and even slightly legitimate. Social media can be a negative influence in the wrong hands. But, that’s only the minority of the population. For the rest of us, it can be great, even for online business pros. Social media is so often seen as just a plaything, but using social media in business can actually be both work and play at the same time.

Going Down the List

If you’re on any social media site, you quickly become aware of the fact that there is some human force operating these things. It makes sense; how else does Nike or the new James Bond film get promo space on the sidebar of Facebook? The companies and people at work behind these entities have people using a certain method to make social media work for them. If you opt to use it to similar effect yourself, you have to have a similar set-up.

Often, the easiest way to operate when using social media is to devise a social media campaign from scratch. Getting together the right digital promotional material, be it in word or graphic form, and establishing this on a well-known social media web site—LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.—is how you get going. If you are going to be successful with social media marketing, you have to be on more than one site.

But, what is key here is going down the list of all the social media web sites you are active on, making regular updates to all of them. A good social media campaign, especially if you are working in small business social media, is dependent on regularly scheduled updates. Doing a weekly posting on the social media blog you’ve got going, or adding a new promotion, or updating your product line…these are the kinds of actions that must be done. The professional part of social media marketing is doing the regular maintenance, while the fun part is connecting with new clients or “fans,” and keeping them in the loop of what is happening to your business. If you create a list or schedule of regular updates to your social media material online, the fun will be ongoing.

Keeping Ahead

Social media is such a new entity that it’s a hard concept for a lot of people to grasp. It’s ever changing, just as the technology surrounding it is. This is daunting, but exciting for you as an online business pro. You may not like working to keep up with the trends, but you can really connect with potential client bases by keeping ahead of the latest trends in social media, learning as many ways to use it to your business’ advantage, and getting tips from colleagues who are using it as well. Make the category of keeping ahead on social media changes a top priority on your social media campaign list, as well. If you keep ahead of what’s happening in social media, you stay in touch with your clients, and get have fun being, well, social, too!

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