Day-to-Day: How to Use Social Media to Keep and Build the Interest and Success for Your Business

Day-to-Day: How to Use Social Media to Keep and Build the Interest and Success for Your Business

Day-to-Day: How to Use Social Media to Keep and Build the Interest and Success for Your BusinessKeep It Interesting

We live in very entertaining times, don’t we? There are screens, gizmos, and “new generations” for just about everything all of the time. It’s a pretty exciting period to be alive.

Yet there are some people who claim to be bored. They gripe that all of this new media and technology has desensitized us beyond belief; that all these things today are just fads, not tools. They say we’re not getting anything new—we’re just getting a bunch of, well, stuff—and nothing interesting at that.

In a sense, these critiques are warranted. Our eyes and minds are tuning out more and more to new technology simply because we see so much of it all of the time. Often, what can only impress us now is if something can be interesting and make life easier.

For online business pros, this idea of keeping it interesting and essential is a good mantra to have. You’re working in online business; you have to get your products to the public and let them know that you have great, helpful stuff.

There’s no better way to keep your material interesting than using social media. Social media allows you to maintain the public’s interest while simultaneously keeping success coming into your business. But the best part: it doesn’t take much. When using social media, you just have to do small jobs day-to-day to keep people’s interest in your business.

Keep It Professional

For social media in online business, professionalism is key. This doesn’t imply that you have to be more formal or straight-laced. It just means that you have to treat social media as you would your other business media.

When launching social media platforms, keep in mind that you want to engage the public through the media itself. Apply promotions or special offers right through it but with the same standards you would to sell product: “Order now and save fifteen percent!” for example. Once you get into the day-to-day operations, do this regularly, on a scheduled basis. However, don’t be afraid to make the occasional splash with a new product announcement or promotion that they can learn about at a given moment. This can be a fun way to really keep things interesting.

The only professional differences in using social media are how you build up your connections through social media. For building up your client connections, extend an offer to connect to your network so that they can get involved with future product sales or promotions—highlight the fact that they will have the special ability to receive these as being part of your network. For your associate connections, connect with them to build up a business network to get help, share business ideas, and make joint ventures. Here, you will want to be sure which social media web sites are best to use for connecting with clients or associates. Social media web sites do vary, so if you’re looking to connect to other pros in your field online, you might want to do that strictly through small business social media.

Keep It Clean

There is a tendency for some online pros not to take social media seriously. Of course it’s good to keep it loose and fun—but remember to also keep it clean in terms of content, graphic material, and all posted media. A social media blog is a great place to make announcements and the odd funny quip here and there; however, it is not a good place to talk shop, politics, or about the perils of life. Your clients can get that from other sources; they come to you for some fun, consumer interest, and hopefully to make some purchases.

Social media is really like anything else in online business—you have to use it as though you would a tool, making it work for you. But keeping it working regularly for your clients will make it that much more appealing to the public at large. Day-to-day work with this media is real work, but it is some of the most fun work you can possibly get.

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